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Gladiatorial in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-31Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: equatorialdictatorialpiscatorialgubernatorialmediatortutorialeditorialsartorialMeaning: [‚glædɪə'tɔːrɪəl]  adj. of or relating to or resembling gladiators or their combat. 
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1. It is no surprise that the gladiatorial sport of boxing was the most accessible route.
2. But what about genuine gladiatorial events?
3. It denounced the gladiatorial shows.
4. The Roman gladiatorial contests were bestial amusements.
5. Many of these are bloody, gladiatorial -like competitions, while others are more like races.
6. In Rome, Onorius put an end to Gladiatorial combats in 404 (possible afteramonk had thrown himself into the arena in protest and was killed by the angry crowd.
7. Michael Vick, one of our great gladiatorial football competitors, recently admitted to sponsoring brutal dogfights.
8. The Stadio Olimpico, a stone's throw from the Tiber, is built on gladiatorial lines.
9. This is one of the few amphitheatres that was used for both Roman political rallying and brutal gladiatorial sports – but tonight it is to host a dance competition.
10. What little hope an aspiring Geonosian has lies in escape through gladiatorial combat.
11. Tim Woolgar, the founder of the UK's first chess-boxing gym in north London, said:"Chess is a gladiatorial game, just like boxing.
12. The Arenas of World of Warcraft give the most battle - hardened and cold-blooded fighters a place to compete against each other in gladiatorial battles for honor, glory[], and power.
13. Despite the final appearance given by the movie, tigers were largely unsuccessful in the gladiatorial area.
14. Arena Skirmishes - Players will be able to queue for small-group, gladiatorial combat matches by speaking to the Battlemasters throughout the world.
15. Capable of seating 50, 000 spectators, the Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles.
16. Devaronian conman entered a dim-witted Shikitari insectoid with the unlikely name of Carl into the Rattataki gladiatorial games.
17. Criminals, slaves and others were forced to fight each other to the death in gladiatorial games.sentence dictionary
18. She could best any of the monstrous combatants in the gladiatorial games held regularly on the world.
19. The Rodians grew restless with nothing to hunt, and turned to hunting each other in gladiatorial combat.
20. The will to win and the abundance of venture capital make China's internet a "ferociously gladiatorial environment", says Richard Robinson, an American who has founded several start-ups in Beijing.
21. The couple has fallen on hard times financially and has bought Spartacus hoping his fighting prowess will help them regain their status in the brutal world of gladiatorial contests.
22. The second major event we encountered was the infamous gladiatorial boss.
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