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Gargantuan in a sentence

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Sentence count:40+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: elephantinegiantjumboSimilar words: margarinequantumorganorganiceventualorganizeorganismbargainMeaning: [gɑr'gæntʃʊən /gɑː'g-]  adj. of great mass; huge and bulky. 
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1. My gargantuan, pristine machine was good for writing papers and playing solitaire, and that was all.
2. Of all her mistakes, this was the most gargantuan.
3. A gargantuan Teddy boy was standing in the stalls, looking down at his feet.
4. The executives' gargantuan incomes derive from their power over what has become an increasingly scarce factor of production, capital.
5. There was enough elbow room in this gargantuan aquarium for all kinds of surprises to emerge.
6. The gargantuan effort was conducted under almost unimaginable conditions of hardship and coercion.
7. This meal may of course be of gargantuan proportions and much snacking of high-energy foods may precede its consumption.
8. Waves surged around her gargantuan thighs as she waded towards the shore.
9. On the third sat a gargantuan steroid mass of flesh: a hustler.
10. Gargantuan asteroid to pass near Earth this fall.
11. Convertibility of the currency is a gargantuan barrier.
12. Welles gives us a portrait of a gargantuan man of unlimited ambitions and appetites, whose excesses outran his resources.
13. The preference is evident in the gargantuan New World Department Store in Shanghai's commercial heart.
14. Two more of the massive beasts swung a gargantuan battering ram against the city's main gates.
15. Astronomers have seen gargantuan plumes of material from nearer galaxies as well.
16. The Allies assembled a gargantuan naval armada, from battleships and destroyers to landing and coasters.
17. The Carnaval Bar sells drinks so gargantuan that the hookah-sized glasses attach to your neck with a leash.
18. Falk even persuaded Nike to spend at least $ 1 million marketing Jordan, a gargantuan sum at the time.
19. Iain filled me in on the essential details while I was devouring that gargantuan breakfast.
20. As the snow accumulates from that little boreal patch, growing inexorably year after year,(sentence dictionary) gargantuan ice sheets begin to form.
21. Upon me rested heavy cold weights and under me was a smooth, curved surface like the bottom of a gargantuan test-tube.
22. The biggest buildings in the world were under construction, but none so gargantuan as those Gillette projected.
23. Yet the biggest obstacle is locating a suitable venue for this gargantuan Christmas dinner.
24. By counting each e-mail sent by a white-collar wrongdoer as a separate case of wire fraud, prosecutors can threaten him with a gargantuan sentence unless he confesses, or informs on his boss.
25. A flood of new tyrannosaur finds is helping to shed light on how their gargantuan successor developed.
26. Right away, I realized this was a mistake of gargantuan proportions.
27. Enzo would be stuck at Tyler's until the place was driven out of business by some still more gargantuan sensorium that sold everything from new spouses to plastic surgery.
28. Once connected, your "public" directory and anything in it become part of a gargantuan keyword-searchable database.
29. They're sweet, colorful, lickable and a manageably small snack in an age of gargantuan portions.
30. He has logged more than 1, 400 animals, from the miniature (one-ounce song sparrows) to the gargantuan (a 1, 500-pound black Angus bull).
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