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Frigate in a sentence

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Similar words: irrigationmitigatenavigateinstigatecastigateinvestigatefrigidbrigadeMeaning: ['frɪgɪt]  n. 1. a medium size square-rigged warship of the 18th and 19th centuries 2. a United States warship larger than a destroyer and smaller than a cruiser. 
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(1) An enemy frigate bore down on the sloop.
(2) The frigate rammed the submarine.
(3) Newall, 27, was arrested by a Royal Navy frigate sailing his yacht off Casablanca.
(4) The Leander class frigate headed for Portsmouth to be decommissioned after paying a final farewell to Teesside.
(5) I can hardly see that a mere frigate is going to inconvenience you to all that extent.
(6) Johnnie seemed mesmerized by a frigate bird set free in endless space.
(7) Listening to the conversation, Trent watched three frigate birds sailing the on-shore breeze beyond the quay.
(8) Within that frigate were seeds of destruction that would soon burst forth.
(9) Perhaps the captain of the frigate was a touch too eager.
(10) For God's sakes, order that frigate to break off!
(11) By frigate or by merchantman.
(12) The sailors on that frigate have video cameras!
(13) I declare we could fight frigate.
(14) Corvette: Fast naval vessel smaller than a frigate.
(15) The frigate made for the open sea.
(16) The birds, a great frigate and a white-tailed tropicbird, were both spotted around Po Toi, Hong Kong's southern most island.
(17) The American guided missile frigate, the USS Bainbridge is already at the site about 300 miles off the Somali coast where Captain Richard Phillips is being held hostage on a drifting lifeboat.
(18) We sailed the Atlantic; This frigate has sailed to France.
(19) A frigate captain rarely has to worry about his gun deck taking on water, and can therefore fight in conditions that leave bigger ships at a disadvantage.
(20) The frigate is on the stocks in a British yard.
(21) Newall was arrested in August on his yacht by Jersey police aboard a Royal Navy frigate.
(22) She appeared but a pigmy compared with the lofty frigate which she guarded.
(23) The Nimitz will be accompanied by five other warships, including a guided-missile cruiser, two destroyers and a frigate.
(24) The arrival of the Transport Secretary was further postponed by a slow-moving statement over frigate orders.
(25) The larger part is made up by the host of specialised equipments that such a frigate contains.
(26) The hon. Gentleman will be aware that I have discussed the frigate orders with the shop stewards.
(27) This was a tactic neutralized by the a Jiralhanae frigate pair.
(28) Sea trials of the demonstrator are planned for 2012 using a French Navy frigate and a Boeing, H-6U Unmanned Little Bird rotorcraft.
(29) According to the character of the air attack targets in modern sea battles, this paper confirm the disposition of radar picket frigate which is used in aerial warning for warship formation.
(30) From the beach, this correspondent clocked a couple of Luyang - class destroyers and a missile frigate.
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