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Formula in a sentence

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Sentence count:194+16 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: chemical formulaconventionexpressionnormalpatternreciperuleSimilar words: stimulatewarm upstimulusmultiplesimultaneouslynormformformalMeaning: ['fɔrmjələ /-mjʊl-]  n. 1. a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement 2. directions for making something 3. a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle 4. a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements 5. something regarded as a normative example 6. a liquid food for infants 7. (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems. 
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1) His father is acting on his formula.
2) We're still searching for a peace formula.
3) A simple mathematical formula has been devised to allow you to calculate the interest due.
4) We have changed the formula of the washing powder.
5) They're trying to work out a peace formula acceptable to both sides in the dispute.
6) Use the formula to calculate the volume of the container.
7) There's no magic formula for a perfect marriage.
8) The Coca-Cola formula is a well-kept trade secret.
9) Do you know the formula for finding the area of a circle?
10) The chemical formula for water is H 2 O.
11) Formula One motor car racing is supposed to be dangerous. "Indycar" racing is supposed to be more dangerous still.
12) There's no magic formula for success.
13) The formula gives a much better fit to the experimental data.
14) There is no magic formula that will transform sorrow into happiness.
15) There is no magic formula for passing exams-only hard work.
16) There's no magic formula for winning - just lots of hard work.
17) Other magazines have tried to copy the formula but have never quite cut the mustard.
18) Our washing powder now has a new improved formula.
19) Formula one cars are the most powerful.
20) As a business,[] they have found a winning formula.
21) Formula One is the pinnacle of motor racing.
22) Sugar is represented by the simple formula CHO.
23) What is their formula for success?
24) He is about to join the big league of Formula 1 in time for the start of the new season at the South African Grand Prix.
25) All the patients were interviewed according to a standard formula.
26) They are working on the perfection of their new paint formula.
27) The foreign ministers have thrashed out a suitable compromise formula.
28) Eagles without experience of suffering wind and rain can not fly high in the sky. And to be brave to take risks is an eternal formula for us.
29) It is difficult to imagine how the North and South could ever agree on a formula to unify the divided peninsula.
30) Managers and workers are still working out a peace formula.
More similar words: stimulatewarm upstimulusmultiplesimultaneouslynormformformalformatreformperformformerinformhormoneuniformnormallyplatformformerlyinformalperformerenormoustransformformationregularsecularregulateinformationregulatorspeculateinsulated
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