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Feed in a sentence

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Synonym: dineeatnourishnurturesupplySimilar words: feed onfeedbackfeefeelfeetfeeblefeel outfeel likeMeaning: [fɪːd]  n. food for domestic livestock. v. 1. provide as food 2. give food to 3. feed into; supply 4. introduce continuously 5. support or promote 6. take in food; used of animals only 7. serve as food for; be the food for 8. move along, of liquids 9. profit from in an exploitatory manner 10. gratify 11. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to. 
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1 Feed a cold and starve a fever. 
2 Feed by measure and defy physician. 
3 Feed sparingly [by measure] and defy the physician. 
4 Feed a pig and you'll have a hog. 
5 Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day... 
6 Fodder crops are used to feed livestock.
7 Owls regurgitate partly digested food to feed their young.
8 The seals feed mainly on fish and squid.
9 Will you feed the dog?
10 The baby can't feed itself yet .
11 Their chief preoccupation was how to feed their families.
12 We feed the slops to the pigs.
13 We should manage to house and feed the poor.
14 The baby is too young to feed itself.
15 Farmers feed kitchen waste to the pigs.
16 She has a large family to feed.
17 I usually feed the neighbour's cat while she's away.
18 bats feed on insects and fruit.
19 I have a hungry family to feed.
20 My salary is chicken feed compared with hers.
21 Farmers feed hay to the cows.
22 It costs a lot to feed and clothe five children.
23 Cows feed on grass.
24 Cows feed on hay.
25 Rising import prices tend to feed back into domestic prices.
26 Hens feed by pecking.
27 Every afternoon they went to the park to feed the ducks.
28 I have to feed the chickens and hoe the potatoes.
29 I was making a million a year,[] but that's chicken feed in the pop business.
30 When fresh food and water are not available, the camel can feed off its hump.
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