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Pathogen in a sentence

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Sentence count:162Posted:2017-02-19Updated:2017-02-19
Similar words: cogentcogencyprogenynitrogenphotogenicpathat homefathomMeaning: ['pæθədʒən]  n. any disease-producing agent (especially a virus or bacterium or other microorganism). 
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1. But now suppose the pathogen becomes the tiniest fraction more virulent: say the infectivity becomes one point zero one.
2. Trichostrongylus is rarely a primary pathogen in temperate areas, but is usually a component of parasitic gastroenteritis in ruminants.
3. Not every pathogen will respond instantly to events.
4. Another example is the water-borne pathogen Cryptosporidium, a minute organism found in the excreta of farm animals.
5. The pathogen could disrupt these vital cells, which would cause the capillaries to become leaky.
6. A pathogen of black spot of citrus limon is primary identified by some observations and fungi cultivations of slices of ground infested leaves or fruits.
7. The oomycete plant pathogen Phytophthora infestans is the causal agent of potato late blight, one of the most devastating diseases of potato worldwide.
8. The distribution pattern, damage degree, symptoms of pathogen Hypoderma desmazierii Duby were studied. The research focused on the epidemic trend of the disease on masson pine.
9. The host range test showed that the pathogen could also infect Notopterygium incisum, Angelica biserrata and Datura stramonium.
10. At least one avian disease pathogen has been found.
11. It was found that invasion of the pathogen on tomato fruits was most popular through petal residue (81%), and also through chapiter.
12. The interaction between rice host and its pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) at cell level was studied using a resistant somaclonal mutant HX-3 and its donor Minghui 63.
13. The fifteen newborn SPF ( Specific Pathogen Free ) piglets obtained by caesarean operation were randomly divided into three groups.
14. Gyrodactylus I have probably seen this skin fluke parasite on more fish in my laboratory studies than any other pathogen.
15. He approach should be a cheap, highly effective method of reducing human exposure to the deadly pathogen, they say.
16. In addition, samples containing granulomatous lesions from patients with acute disease should be most likely to contain a causative pathogen.
17. Not all studies using molecular techniques have produced evidence for M tuberculosis as the pathogen in sarcoidosis.
18. It is the T-cells which stimulate the B cells to produce the necessary antibodies to protect the body against an invading pathogen.
19. The chief aim is to reduce the solid volume of waste, offensive odours and to effect pathogen removal.
20. Although the rate of mycelial growth and sclerotial germination of the small round disease pathogen were superior to that of small black disease pathogen in all different to drought water potentials.
21. It is generally considered that tuberculid is a hypersensitivity response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis or its metabolic products, but not directly caused by this pathogen.
21. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
22. The symptoms of plantain head blight were systematically observed, ant its pathogen was identified.
23. Results: Incidence of nosocomial lung infection was as high as 85.7% with Gram negtive bacteria species as main pathogen.
24. He thought, for acute pyelitis, the beginning was a new affection syndrome and aincubative pathogen syndrome secondly.
25. Objective:The study was designed to evaluate the antiseptic efficacy of Tinidazole stilus against periodontal pathogen.
26. The tomato Cercospora leaf mold broke out in Xinxiang, Henan province in 2003. The symptom of the disease was observed and described, the pathogen and the biological characteristics were studied.
27. Early results show that extract from Cuminum cyminum L. have good control effect to plant pathogen, and in vivo experiments with excellent bioactivity against Phytophthora capsici and Blumer graminis.
28. Tuberculosis ( TB ) is a chronic respiratory infectious disease caused by the pathogen Afycobacterium tuberculosis ( MTB ).
29. The outbreak of stevia leaf blight was investigated and analyzed on pathogen and its regularity according to 5 year data in the Southwest of Shandong.
30. Plant defense signal uses the similar mechanism in the animal immunity system, and it can be initiated by non-parasitic pathogen and mediator.
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