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Dismount in a sentence

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Sentence count:30+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-28Updated:2017-02-28
Antonym: mountSimilar words: mountamount tomountainmountingsurmountparamountinsurmountablediscountMeaning: [‚dɪs'maʊnt]  n. the act of dismounting (a horse or bike etc.). v. get off (a horse). 
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1. He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount
2. Seidman's horse reared up when he tried to dismount.
3. As he attempted to dismount, he seemed to lose strength, and half fell to the ground.
4. When I heard the postman dismount from his bicycle at the gateway, I knew it was Zero Hour.
5. A machine gunner was ordered to dismount and search for prisoners.
6. The platoon commanders barked their orders to dismount and the vehicles came to an abrupt standstill amongst the enemy.
7. He who a tiger is afraid to dismount.
8. To get down a vehicle or horse ; dismount.
9. Cyclists please dismount at the gate.
10. Jumping while mounted will now automatically dismount you.
11. He who rides on a tiger can never dismount.
12. Do not open or dismount the shell.
13. When they came to a stream of water, she again called to her chambermaid, "Dismount, and give me some water in my golden cup, " for she had long ago forgotten the girl's evil words.
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14. Accept the Mongolian girl, boy, you worship ritual dismount wine.
15. Although generally fighting mounted, lancers can dismount when necessary. On foot, they fight as armoured swordsmen, and make effective infantry.
16. His dismount was perfect with the feet together in a standing position.
17. Dismount your noble steed and give yourself rest and ease this night.
18. I had to dismount from my bicycle halfway up the hill.
19. This method is used to dismount a volume from the file system.
20. One have to dismount from an idea and get into saddle again at every parenthesis.
21. Use this to replace the fuse or dismount the unit.
22. We dismount at the base of a steep switchback and climb to the ruins.
23. The two men in armor each tried to dismount the other.
24. According to the instruction, the Offline Operator should physically mount or dismount the media item from the specified media unit.
25. This parameter indicates whether the volume should be forced to dismount before checking.
26. Work table adopts water proof and wearable material, and can dismount easily.
27. The appearance of any plane was the signal to dismount and scatter.
28. Remove 3 screws of the disc drive chassis and dismount chassis.
29. When a back and forth handle on the boring bar is rotated, the boring bar falls back and the pin can quickly dismount the knife.
30. Thanks to the magnetic attraction manner, the utility model combines the sun glasses with the common glasses, and can dismount the combination as necessary at any time.
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