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Evoke in a sentence

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Synonym: bring forthinducepromptsummonSimilar words: revokeinvokeprovokejokepokebrokesmokebrokenMeaning: [ɪ'vəʊk]  v. 1. call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses) 2. evoke or provoke to appear or occur 3. deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning) 4. summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic 5. call to mind. 
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1 These images are likely to evoke a strong response in the viewer.
2 Smells and tastes often evoke memories from the past.
3 His case is unlikely to evoke public sympathy.
4 His appearance is bound to evoke sympathy.
5 Both evoke pity, but Caroline occasionally also provokes revulsion.
6 It may even evoke a memory of a place.
7 Aroma, like music, can often evoke memories.
8 She tried everything in an attempt to evoke sympathy and pity from her parents.
9 Alternatively double click anywhere on the desktop to evoke the TaskManager and select the 1-2-3 task and click on the terminate button.
10 No longer will high status evoke deference and admiration or envy and resentment from those in less worthy positions.
11 The Glasgow they evoke is a very hard and a very lively place.
12 Or they may fail to evoke a response at all.
13 One call might evoke a window,[] with the standard scroll bars and title bar.
14 They evoke romantic images of humming orchard hives and summer sweetness, presided over by veiled eccentrics steeped in arcane lore.
15 Long-term experience in a company allows one to evoke stories and myths as a way of controlling the behavior of newer employees.
16 These memories may evoke in her a special need to be protected.
17 No-one can doubt its power to evoke the imagination of millions upon millions of people through the ages and today.
18 Cellular phones, too, often evoke a confused state of dread.
19 How many of the popular novels of the past evoke derision rather than appreciation if we read them in too literal a spirit!
20 The names Witches Well, Candlemaker Row and Grassmarket Square evoke visions of another era.
21 Near the boundary, the electrical stimulation may spread enough to evoke both movements.
22 Some one suggested the Mayor of St Louis, Missouri, thinking that the consonance of names might perhaps evoke sympathy.
23 Virtually anything waved around in the receptive fields of these cells will evoke a response under the right conditions.
24 It was absurd to imagine that a modern city could still evoke that kind of magic!
25 While the above are possibly reinforcing features, school curricula, may also evoke tensions in gender identities.
26 After all, the best comedy has a serious intent, and Forsyth clearly wants to evoke more than just laughter.
27 I was hooked, I knew my singing wasn't good enough to evoke that kind of reaction from an audience.
28 Likewise, a peek at a window framed by title bar and scroll bars is enough to evoke the sacraments of Mac.
29 Since joining the business world I have seen similar techniques evoke similarly successful results.
30 In these, however, no special attempt was made by the interviewers to evoke memories of grandparents or other old people.
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