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Efficacious in a sentence

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Antonym: inefficaciousSimilar words: perspicaciousefficacyofficiousgraciousspaciousrapaciouscapacioussagaciousMeaning: [‚efɪ'keɪʃəs]  adj. 1. marked by qualities giving the power to produce an intended effect 2. producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect. 
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1. Example is always more efficacious than precept. 
2. Qingdao is a resort efficacious for a variety of bodily ills.
3. This, as almost always, proved efficacious.
4. More efficacious treatments may soon be
5. Conclusion 2% mepivacaine is a safe and efficacious local anesthetic drug in conservative dentistry.
6. Conclusion: MEBO is very efficacious in treating contact dermatitis.
7. Its theurgy was able to do exact and efficacious divinations for seventy-two times but it couldn't prophesy the king would open its belly and killed him.
8. This is that geomantic omen is efficacious two , this that time creates outstanding personality?
9. Asarum is an efficacious traditional Chinese medicine.
10. Conclusion: interferon, thymosin and new nucleotide similitude are efficacious medicines.
11. It occurs to me that example is always more efficacious than precept.
12. The nasal spray was new on the market and highly efficacious.
13. Areas where safeguards developed against the backdrop of a different type of decision-making may be more efficacious and apposite.
14. This suggests that improving access to dietitians might be more efficacious than other changes.
15. If we did, we would be forced to choose between enormous guilt and efficacious action.
16. The cedar lining that once protected fine cigars from deteriorating is equally efficacious at preserving cardboard rectangles from insect damage.
17. He sees the present as the open door to an efficacious future.
18. Some found bathing the patient in a bath of nitric acid to be efficacious!
19. On seeing the Muybridge article he must immediately have been convinced that photography was the most efficacious means of advancing his researches.
20. This appears convincing since the decline in mortality rates antedated for the most part the advent of efficacious pills and surgical procedures.
21. The tussis that this models after to snifters early phase turn up is especially efficacious.
22. Intracavernous injection of papaverine was performed for diagnosis and treatment of 50 cases of impotence, the efficacious rate was 82%.
23. Experiments also prove that the features of blocks DCT coefficients in lip region are efficacious to visual single channel lipreading system.
24. But rapidly increasing prevalence of resistance to ciprofloxacin is reducing the options for safe and efficacious treatment of shigellosis, particularly for children.
25. Although severe diseases may be caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in the world, no efficacious vaccine against this virus is licensed.
26. If we can find a way to extract the key frames fast and efficacious, it will take of the burden of the database. Furthermore, it can improve the ac- curacy of retrieving the shot scenes.
27. Finally, it is pointed out that when the parameter scvies of products is chosen, it is not always efficacious to apply geometric series first, and the possibility to increase the eco-...
28. The use of ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve blocks is efficacious in adults and children following herniorrhaphy.
29. Conclusion:Combination of lumbar anesthesia and epidural anesthesia for total hysterectomy is really efficacious, simple and safe, with an important clinical value.
30. The total hip arthroplasty (THA) which is widely used in the field of surgical osteoplasty is an efficacious method of curing hip diseases and recuperating the walking function of patients.
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