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Staccato in a sentence

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Synonym: disconnectedSimilar words: desiccatefait accomplistackcatacombobstaclepanic attackcataclysmiceducatorMeaning: [stə'kɑːtəʊ]  adj. (music) marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; cut short crisply. adv. separating the notes; in music. 
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1. She gave staccato replies to every question.
2. He shouted a series of staccato orders.
3. He spoke in Arabic, a short staccato burst.
4. Play this phrase staccato.
5. Her pencil tapped out a staccato rhythm on the desk top.
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6. She played the whole piece staccato to improve her technique.
7. The sound waves come legato, not staccato.
8. She writes in minimalist prose, sometimes in staccato rhythms.
9. And Judith Steinway's streetwise Brooklyn fiction, delivered in staccato tones, surprised me also by its quality.
10. This is the ordinary, all-purpose staccato with no implication of either accent, emphasis or special sharpness.
11. On the latter, she developed a delightful staccato syncopation by regularly hitting the offbeat.
12. Ponyets heard the staccato rattle of the receiver quite plainly.
13. This was not the hopped-up staccato of ordinary play-by-play.
14. The most popular approach is the staccato tremolo.
15. Squirrels added staccato crunch notes with their arced leaps.
16. The banging on the door had reached steady staccato.
17. Legato and staccato on the harmonica.
18. They flutter about nervously in staccato hops.
19. And students about the link will staccato its combination. Zhiyong.
20. Speed of staccato repetition is controlled by the amount of up-down motion: the smaller the motion, the faster the repetition rate, in exactly the same way as a basketball dribble.
21. The music suddenly changed from a smooth melody to a staccato rhythm.
22. This was different: these were the sounds of distress - short staccato yelps broken by prolonged baleful howling.
23. In accord with its graphic image, the desired detachment stands half-way between a mild staccato and a legato.
24. The rapid bowed quavers of the former become the rapid staccato semiquavers of the latter.
25. Where he articulates the emotional arc of a rising arabesque with a jazzy staccato, she just doesn't get the point.
26. The tuba, considering its size and depth, is surprisingly flexible and is capable also of a very light staccato.
27. Varney laughed; his mouth opened and out came the staccato machine-gun pants.
28. Certainly there is little coherence in her timetabled day: indeed perversely its very staccato pattern is a feature Susie quite enjoys.
29. Maybe I'm a back number. I can never enjoy a play of staccato scenes.
30. You're tattooed onto my brain, " I'd tell you, and your voice would become quivery, and staccato , and then you'd be silent."
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