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Autocratic in a sentence

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Synonym: authoritarianbossydespoticdictatorialdominatinghigh-and-mightymagisterialperemptorytyrannicalSimilar words: democraticaristocratautomaticautomaticallymeritocracyDemocratlucrativedemocracyMeaning: [‚ɔːtəʊ'krætɪk(l)]  adj. 1. offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power 2. characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty. 
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1. Some feudal states were ruled by autocratic kings.
2. The President resigned after 30 years of autocratic rule.
3. The autocratic government call out the army to suppress the workers'strike.
4. It can be autocratic and invade our privacy in ways that earlier generations could not have envisioned.
5. Subservience was expected from children, and sometimes the autocratic power of the father was enforced by law.
6. But critics have accused him of being autocratic and intolerant of dissent.
7. His was a dark, autocratic face, with clear-cut features that held an austere masculine beauty.
8. Boys in an autocratic group were more dependent on their leader, and submissive; their hostility was towards each other.
9. This unequal relationship was reflected in the autocratic, all-powerful state headed usually by one person.
10. In a kind of republican primogeniture, autocratic leaders groom their sons to succeed them.
11. Management critique A bit more autocratic than he would like to believe, stemming from a conviction that he is right.
12. I think we have to be autocratic about officers, at first, in order to start something.
13. Without Westcott's moderating influence,( Mathers's autocratic manner became unbearable.
14. But, for now, autocratic China remains Asia's lodestar.
15. Yet the policy of autocratic rule remains unchanged.
16. He was in favor of a autocratic monarchy.
17. Angleton was an autocratic man.
18. He had an autocratic way of doning his job.
19. Kane's personality, strong, independent, arbitrary and autocratic.
20. An autocratic system of coercion, in my opinion, soon degenerates.
21. The head teacher was eased out of his job after teachers and parents accused him of being autocratic.
22. The people have grown intolerant in recent weeks of the King's autocratic ways.
23. It seemed certain to boost his reputation as a survivor and to stifle growing discontent with his autocratic leadership.
24. Despite their pitifully limited numbers they threw down an inspiring challenge to the might of the autocratic regime.
25. But District 13 had done it in the opposite way: through strong,( autocratic leadership.
26. Birkett appears to feel a personal hostility to Mary Kingsley and her autocratic ways, rather than antagonism towards her imperialist activities.
27. At the bottom of the continuum are commonly used labels ranging from autocratic to laissez-faire.
28. In health care settings one seldom sees this pure form of the autocratic leader style exercised by administrative personnel.
29. As we have seen, most of the managers adopted a hands-on, autocratic approach to management.
30. And unfortunately for middle managers, the encroachment of technology has coincided with a less autocratic approach to management.
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