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Unfeeling in a sentence

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Sentence count:35+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: callouscoldcruelheartlessSimilar words: feelingscounselingfeelfeel outfeel likeunfetteredfelineon the lineMeaning: [ʌn'fɪːlɪŋ]  adj. 1. devoid of feeling for others 2. devoid of feeling or sensation. 
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1) What she saw was just an unfeeling corpse.
2) He was branded an unfeeling bully.
3) He is an unfeeling brute.
4) Her eyes were cold and unfeeling.
5) He is hard and unfeeling towards his children.
6) She is a cold, unfeeling and unresponsive woman.
7) What a cold, unfeeling woman she was.
8) She accused me of being unfeeling because I left the cinema dry-eyed.
9) The media has made unfeeling voyeurs of all of us.
10) She accused me of being unfeeling because I didn't cry at the end of the film.
11) I know it sounds unfeeling but to be blunt we can't go on much longer without any money coming in.
12) To be without emotion is to be unfeeling,( to have no contact with the human condition.
13) In spite of the sensational, unfeeling way it had been used, the picture was moving.
14) He smiled lazily, but it was a cool, unfeeling smile.
15) You are giving this unfeeling corporation so much, why not grab what you can in expense-account-paid perks?
16) It was a flippant and unfeeling remark.
17) He was an unfeeling wretch.
18) But there's some kind of cold , unfeeling contradiction in that business. ".
19) Spring: You're cruel and unfeeling , leaving really nothing behind. Are you still unsatisfied that you haven't done enough ravaging and destroying?
20) He really laid into her, saying she was arrogant and unfeeling.
21) There's no way anyone could accuse this woman of being cold and unfeeling.
22) Dave had been quite wrong to call Michelle cold and unfeeling .
23) At really low speeds, the speed-sensitive steering is oversensitive and handling becomes an unfeeling waffle.
24) And he went head on against the notion that he would be an unfeeling hatchet man against the government.
25) From this nucleus, it swiftly spread throughout his head and trunk, leaving only his limbs in an unfeeling limbo.
26) Paul had been quite wrong to call Michele cold and unfeeling.
27) An agony which could only be intensified if she entered into his very practical, very unfeeling arranged marriage.
28) Kelly's eyes flicked from the body on the ground to the horse, trampling the saddle beneath its unfeeling hoofs.
29) Aromatherapy massage is a gentle healing art, not a cold and unfeeling procedure.
30) Others will view their emotional control as hard and unfeeling, regarding them as unresponsive to their moods and undemonstrative in romantic affairs.
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