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Scald in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2017-03-23
Synonym: burnscorchSimilar words: scaldingmercalli scalescalefiscalscaledrhetorical devicescalableescalatorMeaning: [skɔːld]  n. 1. a burn cause by hot liquid or steam 2. the act of burning with steam or hot water. v. 1. subject to harsh criticism 2. treat with boiling water 3. heat to the boiling point 4. burn with a hot liquid or steam. 
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1. Don't scald yourself with that kettle!
2. This kind of ointment will heal the scald.
3. Don't scald your lips in another man's porridge.
4. Scald the needles to sterilize them.
5. Be careful not to scald yourself with the steam.
6. Scald the milk and then add it to the egg and sugar mixture.
7. Scald, skin, de-seed and finely chop the tomatoes.
8. Scald the milk and add it to the bowl.
9. Was that where they had been trained to scald faces with hot water and chilli?
10. If you're not careful you'll scald yourself on/with that kettle.
11. They were going to scald it, Scald it and scour it like a doorstep.
12. Don't scald your hands when you open the steamer.
13. Can excuse me scald leave scar?
14. Wash ox bone marrow and cut into sections. Scald.
15. Scald the dishes before drying them.
16. Cut pork spareribs into long stripes. Scald.
17. The scald on her hand came from lifting a pot cover carelessly.
18. Scald struggle traditional premium rubber tire less easily than sulfur or sulfur phenomenon.
19. Clean the pork and scald in hot water to remove the fats and raw meat taste.
20. Scald the milk ; mix yolks(, sugar and comflour together.
21. Method :1. Cut the cabbages into sections of a finger wide. Then scald them in boiling water and ladle out.
22. Results The effect of plasma radiofrequency is similar to that of burn and scald, and the tissular recovery could be completed within about 3 weeks.
23. Note: When temperature of the cooling system is very high, liquid will spurt out when the heater lid is opened rapidly, so scald should be prevented.
24. Do not eat the food of putrefaction , do not drink unboiled water, eat melon and fruit raw to want scald, want nurturance anteprandial hind the good convention that wash one's hands.
25. Method :1. Split and peel the rush shoots and cut them into sections of 3cm. long. Slice the dried mushrooms, bamboo shoots. Then scald them in boiling water and ladle out.
26. Methods To review and analyze 48 clinical materials on motorcycle vent-pipe scald.
27. Objective To investigate the effects of carbachol on intestinal vascular permeability and tissue edema with enteral glucose?electrolyte solution(GES) resuscitation in scald shock rats.
28. Conclusion:SP-IL nerve fibers of anterior pituitary might be involved in the response of rats to scald stress.
29. Methods:Radioimmunoassay was employed to dynamically detect EGF content in plasma of mouse with or without excision of submaxillary gland during wound healing of deep second degree scald.
30. Objective : To observe stimulation and anti - inflammation effects of herb Burn - scald tincture.
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