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Fetter in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-06Updated:2017-02-06
Synonym: bindchainrestrainshackletieSimilar words: unfetteredget the better ofletterbetterbettermentsetteepalettecigaretteMeaning: ['fetə(r)]  n. a shackle for the ankles or feet. v. restrain with fetters. 
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1. This does not mean that we wish to fetter the trade union movement.
2. It could fetter the independence of the judiciary.
3. Any attempt to stifle or fetter such criticism amounts to political censorship of the most insidious and objectionable kind.
4. Fetter Sound: Ohne iPod geht bei Schweini gar nichts.
5. Third, runs out the trade the fetter, the mold has the individuality characteristic character image.
6. Let Thy goodness , like a fetter, Bind my wandering heart to Thee.
7. Ler only that little of my fetters be left wherebyIam bound with thy will, and thy purpose is carried out in my life ---and that is the fetter of thy love.
8. His neck chafed against the starched fetter of a collar.
9. All all cannot get rid of the fetter[], gets rid of the control.
10. The foreordination could fetter everyone, no matter a human or a god.
11. Big sky, people have the fetter, will not as wild taraxacum floating.
12. But open the key of the fetter at you my waist.
13. A clog or fetter on the equity of redemption is void.
14. When human being gives up the fetter of every common custom and just looks traveling as a sacred and imprescriptible right, then we would add a heavy character to the core place of the human culture.
15. You may imprison my body, actually could not fetter my mind.
16. I admire this liberal life without fetter instead of money and status she possess.
17. We reverence tradition but will not is fetter by it.
18. Yes, our love is a fetter, is a fetter, making our walking gaIt'such difficult.
19. Bond: Something, such as a fetter , cord , or band, that binds, ties(, or fastens things together.
20. This is orotund as if iron fetter at excitement of cachinnation.
21. The advisers need to ensure that the obligations do not fetter the company's powers in any way.
22. The words of the Insolvency Act 1986 do not fetter the court's discretion in any way.
23. It is a personal agreement between shareholders which does not fetter the company in the exercise of its statutory powers.
24. In the name of wood spirit, turn the branch into chains, turn the earth into prison, fetter my enemy in my front!
25. Reform will be deepened to remove the institutional obstacles that fetter the development of productive forces.
26. I leave not necessarily do not protect. The protection is not the fetter.
27. Guessing suspicion is a kind of insalubrious psychology expression, it is the borer of the tree of affection of domestic member, friend, colleague, it is the fetter on way of the life, work.
28. As an ethical concept, the metaphysical concept of "fidelity" tries to fetter translation onto the two poles of "faithful" and "unfaithful", thus incurring a number of insolvable problems.
29. All the way acrobatic feats , slippery appeared 2 pipe lines after descending a fetter.
30. The homemade goodwill accounting study receives the tradition accounting theory frame the fetter, also has this certain difficulty to its breakthrough.
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