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Coalesce in a sentence

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Synonym: blendcombinecommingleconflatefluxfuseimmixmeldmergemixSimilar words: convalesceadolescentobsolescencecoalcoalitiondescenddescentsalesMeaning: [‚kəʊə'les]  v. 1. mix together different elements 2. fuse or cause to grow together. 
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1. Cities, if unrestricted, tend to coalesce into bigger and bigger conurbations.
2. The view of party leader coalesce to form a coherent policy.
3. There they coalesce to form a single nucleus.
4. Something could coalesce from the dictates of battlefield skirmishes.
5. Only as these islands coalesce is the full Madelung energy involved, producing the observed increase in adsorption heat with coverage.
6. Thus, the effect of socio-economic factors may coalesce with the effect of biological factors.
7. The ingredients that were to coalesce into the new music were all there.
8. His disciples coalesce around him as he lurches towards the inevitable.
9. They frequently coalesce into one another, and with the other primal images of desert and sea.
10. A few tried vainly to coalesce into a hardier entity.
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11. Afterwards, coalesce into actions and plans.
12. Gas bubbles coalesce to grow as they rise.
13. Operations to split and to coalesce chunks take time.
14. Particles do not coalesce with other particles.
15. And maybe, just maybe, that awareness could coalesce into a market force that rewards openness and accountability, and punishes arbitrary, high-handed behaviour.
16. I hope patriotism can coalesce under this kind of idea and express itself.
17. These may eventually coalesce to form an anastomosing system of channel sands within a broad valley.
18. Factions tend to coalesce before elections and then apart once they have got their man in.
19. Then, as they explored various strategic alternatives(, they began to coalesce around one direction for the company.
20. Once Marxism was a value system then capitalism and free enterprise tried to coalesce as a value system - largely unsuccessfully.
21. Within this realm the stuff of dreams and nightmares can coalesce from the very air.
22. In between the universe expands, particles pop into existence, galaxies coalesce and stars burst into life.
23. The method acknowledges that there are laws of organisation which ensure that trends coalesce into defined patterns.
24. The social chapter was always going to be the item over which the opposition forces would coalesce.
25. So it says something about Bush that the governors were able to coalesce around him.
26. Typically the skin lesions begin as petechial or small purpuric areas which gradually coalesce ( see below ).
27. The plasmoids on the earthward side of the neutral line move toward the earth and coalesce with the reconnection region near the earth.
28. For both systems a cloud or train of bubbles may coalesce to give larger bubbles.
29. The protean set, meanwhile, will feature giant chandeliers, a circular dias that juts out into the audience and 20 moving screens that will coalesce at certain points to form a single image.
30. The soft powder fired at high temperature ceramic particles melt and coalesce to form a glaze.
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