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Clique in a sentence

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Synonym: clancrowdfamilyfolkgroupsetSimilar words: liquiduniquetechniqueubiquitousclipclingcliffclickMeaning: [kliːk]  n. an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose. 
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(1) If the renegade clique of that country were in power , it would have meant serious disaster for the people.
(2) The club is dominated by a small clique of intellectuals.
(3) The reactionary ruling clique was torn by internal strife.
(4) There's a clique at work that never talks/who never talk to anyone else.
(5) Each clique treated the establishment as its club and took no notice at all of anyone outside the charmed circle.
(6) The Park Chung Hee clique will capitulate to this peace offensive.
(7) There was his clique of sycophantic friends, many of them middle-aged, who were too fawning and deferential.
(8) His flat became a haven for a clique of young men of similar tastes whom the war had thrown together in Cairo.
(9) There was a really heavy little clique, the same ones that ousted the governor.
(10) They formed a clique for self - interests and went astray.
(11) You're not suggesting we should play one clique off against the other?
(12) In finance domain, this clique basically attacks the deficit financing policy of Keynesia creed centrally.
(13) Our golf club is run by a very unfriendly clique .
(14) When Knight became leader, the council was run by a clique of officers largely unaccountable to the elected members.
(15) So, even moderate fame still eluded him, and Nicholson remained unknown outside of a small Hollywood clique.
(16) One of the inherent weaknesses of the modern squad system is that a close-knit clique becomes impervious to failure and criticism.
(17) Most of the kids were friendly, apart from a clique of girls who came from rich families.
(18) They are also the continuing decline of parliamentary politics and political control increasingly orchestrated by a small clique within the Cabinet.
(19) Yes , so I hear - but I also hear that he belongs to the Wang Ching - wei clique.
(20) The remaining 1 or 2 per cent form their clique.
(21) In this paper, we firstly present mathematical meanings and relationship between maximum clique and maximum independent set.
(22) Advocate the home is afraid that he is cheated, clique lackey follows.
(23) A heuristic method at functional unit allocation is also presented to improve the clique partition algorithm.
(24) Biomolecular computing has been successfully applied in computing NP complete problems such as Hamiltonion path problem, maximal clique problem and SAT problems in Boolean calculation, etc.
(25) Riddled with a thousand gaping wounds , this reactionary clique is now beset with difficulties and contradictions both in internal and external affairs.
(26) If his Congo was a personal fief, the British empire stands revealed as a scarcely more representative oligarchy, organised on avowedly "aristocratic" lines by a clique of white men on the make.
(27) It was the struggle between the Han nationality scholar and the sycophant clique and the clique of Xungui that make the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi dynasty to decline rapidly.
(28) Sootiness makeup brushwork actually very simple, after mastering skill, come off work when attending a clique to be opposite, use those who but one level is strong, conceal exhaustion Oh!
(29) The thorough exposure and smashing of this counter- revolutionary clique in the great proletarian cultural revolution is an immense new victory for Mao Tse - tung's thought.
(30) At university, Taylor had fallen in with a small clique of literature students.
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