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Chloroplast in a sentence

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Similar words: plaster castcytoplasmectoplasmelectroplatingplasticplasterdropletdolorousMeaning: n. plastid containing chlorophyll and other pigments; in plants that carry out photosynthesis. 
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1) Chloroplast membranes are very susceptible to attack by oxygen radicals which are generated as a by-product of photochemistry.
2) Plant cells carry chloroplasts: organelles containing the pigment chlorophyll, which they employ to entrap sunlight.
3) Margulis's theory is that mitochondria and chloroplasts, and a few other structures inside cells, are each descended from bacteria.
4) In this species the two parents' chloroplasts engage in a war of attrition that destroys 95 percent of them.
5) Body of how divisional coloured and chloroplast?
6) Transport to the chloroplast involves a similar process.
7) This picture shows the chloroplast structure.
8) The inside of a chloroplast with the granum circled.
9) Chloroplast ribosomes contain about 50 distinct ribosomal proteins, distributed between the two subunits.
10) The approaches for decreasing the gene flow include chloroplast transformation, pollen sterility, seed sterility, cleistogamy, apomixis, temporal control,[] and transgenic mitigation.
11) The influence of external vitamin C on chloroplast membrane lipid of cucumber ( Cucumis sativus L. ) has been studied.
12) The number of chloroplast and chlorophyll content in the dodecaploid are more than hexaploid, stomatal density are lower than hexaploid.
13) Cell chloroplast density and higher granum lamellae decreased as well.
14) Chloroplast membranes form elongated flattened fluid - filled sacs called thylakoids.
15) The structure of chloroplast was integrity, osmiophilic granule was dispersing in plastids.
16) The chloroplast envelope has the light yellow color of violaxanthin.
17) A brief review of chloroplast structure is useful before discussing these experiments.
18) Under soil drought stress lamella structure of chloroplast wrenched obviously and there was a black area, which had high electron density in the middle of chloroplast.
19) Chloroplast pigments, gas exchange, chlorophyll a fluorescence kinetics and leaf orientation were extensively studied in soybean leaves from emergency to full expansion.
20) With an artificial chloroplast outer layer, designer Wu Peng's Power Cyton could aptly be named Leaf if only that badge weren't already taken.
21) The number of chloroplast was much less, especially in spongy tissue, chloroplast hardly could been observed.
22) Leaves are a rich source of vitamin C and the vitamin is particularly concentrated within chloroplasts, the organelles of photosynthesis.
23) On the other hand, during the same period, the relative volume percentage of grana per chloroplast increased.
24) Photosynthesis is often limited by the rate of CO 2 diffusion from the atmosphere to the chloroplast.
25) Linoleic acid is the predominant fatty acid in the chloroplast.
26) The results indicated that albescent seedlings were caused by the variation of base in the sequence of chloroplast DNA.
27) The green leaves of vegetables through tissue homogenate, differential centrifugation separation, density gradient centrifugation purify sample of chloroplast.
28) Sand culture experiment was carried out to study the effect of interaction between N and Zn on active oxygen metabolism and chloroplast ultrastructure of white clover leaves.
29) Results showed that in normal cells the deposits of calcium antimonate were mainly located in the cell wall, the vacuoles and the envelope of chloroplast.
30) The result showed: there were obvious course of potassium re distribution among vein, mesophyll and vacuole, mitochondrion, chloroplast under water stress.
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