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Cochlear in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-02-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: french leavemuch lessquenchlessspeechlessricochetclearlearnlearnedMeaning: adj. of or relating to the cochlea of the ear. 
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1, The difference between cochlear implant and hearing aid?
2, Ithas been tested on patients needing cochlear implants.
3, Now I have a cochlear implant in each ear.
4, Objective To explore the problems related to cochlear implantation.
5, To study superior cervical ganglion control on the cochlear blood flow vertebrobasilar ischemia in guinea pigs.
6, Subjective and objective results after bilateral cochlear implantation in adults.
7, Will my upcoming cochlear implant surgery be affected by this recall?
8, Q: Will my upcoming cochlear implant surgery be affected by this recall?
9, Cochlear implant(CI) is a neural prosthetic device used to provide the sensation of sound to those who are profoundly deaf by delivering electrical stimulus to auditory nerve directly.
10, A cochlear implant system mainly include speech processor and planted electrode.
11, Speech recognition ability of cochlear implant patients are influenced by speech encoding strategy.
12, The cerebellum also received direct projections from the cochlear nucleus and superior olivary complex.
13, Facial recess approach for cochlear implantation is reasonable because it is close to round window niche for electrode insertion easy.
14, Methods A cochlear deafferentation model was utilized to assess the validity of this technique.
15, CIS algorithm of cochlear implants ? ? speech signal processing is achieved through hardware method.
16, Cochlear implant is a new technology to restore hearing ability to totally deaf people.
17, OBJECTIVE Explore the ways of cochlear implantation (CI) surgery technique for bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss patients with otitis media and mastoiditis .
18, Objective To investigate the related issues of cochlear implantation procedure.
19, ObjectiveTo quantitatively compare the cochlear hair cell loss with the nerve fiber loss in the habenula perforata in the early stage of carboplatin ototoxicity in chinchilla.
20, To explore the scientific and standard pattern of hearing speech rehabilitation after cochlear implantation.
21, Methods: Using laser Doppler flowmetry to measure thechange of cochlear blood flow on superior cervical ganglion.
22, Objective To investigate the effect of contralateral hearing aid on performance of cochlear implant user.
23, Objective To investigate the influence of duration of the use of cochlear implants on speech perception in prelinguistic deafness children.
24, In some cases implants contain electronics e. g. artificial pacemaker and cochlear implants.
25, It seems more economic and practicable to recommend hearing aid or cochlear plant to those diagnosed with hearing disorder after a secondary ABR test at about 6 months old.
26, Objective To observe the effect of noise on the concentration of glutamate in perilymph and cochlear potential of guinea pig cochlear.
27, Red blood cells in CSF can reach perilymphatic space through the cochlear canal,[] and widely distribute in scalae tympani and scala vestibuli after lateral ventricle puncture.
28, As we know, the profoundly deaf patient cannot resort to the hearing aid device, however, through cochlear implant, such an effective way, it is completely possible for them to restore hearing.
29, The lesser petrosal nerve comes from the tympanic plexus running between cochlear window and vestibular window, over recess of tensor sympani muscle and toward otogaglion .
30, The results show that, compared with a normal ear, the approximate entropy of TEOAE without CAS was reduced for cochlear hearing loss, while it did not change for retrocochlear hearing loss.
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