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Tapeworm in a sentence

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Similar words: tapetaperedbe worthforewordcarewornmake-workfireworkhouseworkMeaning: n. ribbonlike flatworms that are parasitic in the intestines of humans and other vertebrates. 
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1. The tapeworm is an inhabitant of the intestine.
2. You can tell it from a beef tapeworm by the hooks on its mouth.
3. Treatment for tapeworms can also start at this age.
4. In earlier centuries, tapeworms and threadworms were regularly found in the intestine.
5. There's a lot of mythology surrounding tapeworms.
6. Rare tapeworm infections are caused by species of the genera Echinococcus, Mesocestoides, and Spirometra. There are usually no symptoms.
7. Tapeworm is a strip that slides into any roll of tape for an instant tape dispenser.
8. This is the attachment organ of a tapeworm.
9. The parasitic larval stage of the tapeworm Taenia multiceps that consists of a cyst in which the scolex develops and that infects the central nervous system of ruminants, especially sheep.
10. Adult tapeworm infection is the infection of the digestive tract by parasitic flatworms called cestodes or tapeworms.
11. Conclusion Tapeworm preparation stained by Indian ink and carmine is useful and can be preserved permanently.
12. You'll even find a 28-foot-long tapeworm on display.
13. Tapeworms: Taenias - fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and pork tapeworm.
14. Insect repellent. Used to drive roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm, etc.
15. Jill: Like a tapeworm or something?
16. The life cycle of the tapeworm can proceed no further.
17. How can tapeworm infection be prevented?
18. Can I get a tapeworm infection from my pet?
19. He's a postpubescent tapeworm with a bad haircut.
20. They say animals might need to be kept indoors throughout their lives to prevent them picking up tapeworm eggs.
21. It is therefore vital to control fleas if you are to prevent infection by this species of tapeworm.
22. I am bound to the unknown and neglected Stuart-Murrays by spiralling tapeworms of genetic material.
23. Local fish always carry parasites - not just the external ones which may respond to treatment[], but internal ones such as tapeworms.
24. Hydatid disease is a worldwide zoonosis produced by the larval stage of the Echinococcus tapeworm.
25. In case of groups treated with flubendazole, fenbendazole or praziquantel, eggs showed cell division, or developed into ovum containing embryo or ovum containing a curling tapeworm.
26. The stomach contained a fish hook, bits of digested fish skull and some tapeworm.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. Undercooked pork may contain living " bladder worms " of the pig tapeworm.
28. Summary of Background Data. Hydatid cyst is a disease caused by larval Echinococcus granulosus tapeworm. Spinal hydatid cyst rarely leads to severe neurologic problems.
29. How would I know if my pet has a tapeworm infection?
30. Purposes:Anti-worm medicine, Schistosoma japonicum, Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma Egypt, Clonorchis sinensis, paragonimiasis , ginger insects, tapeworm and cysticercosis been effective.
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