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Certainly not in a sentence

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Sentence count:179+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: certainlycertainuncertainfor certainuncertaintyentertainmentmainlyungainly
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1, I'm certainly not scared of him.
2, She's certainly not great shakes as a mother.
3, He's certainly not afraid to speak his mind.
4, We shall certainly not resign ourselves to foreign control.
5, 'I'm certainly not asking him!' she retorted indignantly.
6, He was certainly not cut out to combine the jobs of editing and writing as a journalist.
7, The dimensions of the market collapse were certainly not anticipated.
8, It's a moderately entertaining film but it's certainly not a must-see.
9, Fleck was certainly not the only critic to do a hatchet job on his latest novel.
10, They're certainly not mine.
11, Last, but certainly not least,( not.html) are the issues of stewardship and ethics.
12, The company's problems, in this regard, are certainly not unique.
13, Certainly not enough to change an energy-profligate lifestyle.
14, Male speaker It's certainly not a foregone conclusion.
15, He was certainly not my idea of a father.
16, But personal characteristics are certainly not the whole story.
17, Certainly not software engineers or aerobics instructors.
18, But there will certainly not be another overnight free-for-all.
19, These recordings are interesting, but certainly not inventive.
20, But we're certainly not going to play highest-bidder games.
21, She was certainly not an opium smoker.
22, She's certainly not a faddy eater!
23, There doesn't seem to be any system to the books on these shelves - they're certainly not in alphabetical order.
24, Doing it once was just about excusable — doing it twice was certainly not.
25, There's a lot of good things about homeopathic treatment. I'm certainly not running it down.
26, "Well, he didn't invite me to his party so I'm certainly not inviting him to mine!" she said petulantly.
27, A journey on one of the steam trains is certainly not to be missed!
28, She might be a little common at times, but she was certainly not boring.
29, I was really excited about it but it was certainly not glamorous.
30, Not to gain extra marks in the test and certainly not to impress your friends!
More similar words: certainlycertainuncertainfor certainuncertaintyentertainmentmainlyungainlycurtainmaintainconcertundertakeobtainretaincontainsustaincaptaincontainerretainingsustainableby nowby no meansin lineonlyopenlyif onlyonly toofall in lovein line withcommonly
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