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Lateral in a sentence

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Synonym: lateral passsidelongSimilar words: bilateralunilateralcollateralequilateralafter allliterallylaterlater onMeaning: ['lætərəl]  n. a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer. adj. 1. situated at or extending to the side 2. lying away from the median and sagittal plane of a body. 
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(1) The wall is weak and requires lateral support.
(2) McKinnon estimated the lateral movement of the bridge to be between four and six inches.
(3) Employees can expect lateral moves to different departments, to gain experience.
(4) Jets of compressed air gave the aircraft lateral and directional stability.
(5) Fig. 5.10 Lateral trim offset due to tail rotor.
(6) So a little lateral thinking was called for.
(7) Hudevad. Lateral thinking brings environmental benefits.
(8) Lateral acceleration at release is 6-7g.
(9) Large nodules may be detected by lateral thoracic radiography.
(10) Faint lateral veins spread from a somewhat prominent midrib.
(11) These shales have great lateral continuity.
(12) But should this bring a halt to lateral thinking?
(13) Independent lateral contacts at provincial levels were discouraged.
(14) The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry specimens.
(15) A prominent midrib and 4 to 6 lateral veins are present.
(16) The scale patterning above the lateral line is particularly pleasing, and the lateral line itself is bright silver.
(17) It consists of two lateral lobes and a single small dorsal lobe.
(18) The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry or nearly dry specimens.
(19) Others include lateral thinking, straight and crooked thinking, potential problem analysis, rational decision-making, and so on.
(20) The tension, you might say, generated by that success caused crime fiction also to take a huge lateral leap.
(21) When this meets some other object, the fish by means of its lateral line can detect the change.
(22) In most mammals, apart from the cat, the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus projects exclusively to area 17.
(23) Above: The introduction of a transition curve requires a lateral shift of the line.
(24) The upwards and outwards inclination of the kite either side of centre is what provides lateral stability.
(25) Oesophageal manometry and acid perfusion tests were performed in the morning, with the fasting patient in the left lateral position.
(26) It may not actually lie in the water, but it still lies within the boundary of the lateral water hazard.
(27) The subsequent ventral arm plates are pentagonal to bell shaped, separated with a wide curved distal edge and indented lateral edges.
(28) Arrangement of ideas on the board provides a stimulus for new ideas and lateral thinking. 4.
(29) The first ventral arm plate is pentagonal with the lateral edges raised forming a boundary lip to the second oral tentacle pores.
(30) Cowan set up a mathematical equation that represented the neural activity, and built lateral inhibition into it.
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