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Barbaric in a sentence

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Similar words: barberbarbed wirebaritonebarricadegarbagebarbarebartMeaning: [bɑː'bærɪk]  adj. 1. without civilizing influences 2. unrestrained and crudely rich. 
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1. The explorer was killed by barbaric people.
2. The way these animals are killed is barbaric.
3. This barbaric practice should be banned immediately.
4. Barbaric customs still prevail in the mountainous area.
5. It's a devastating and barbaric act that defies all comprehension.
6. This barbaric treatment of animals has no place in any decent society.
7. This action is barbaric - and I use the word advisedly.
8. Is the Buddhist practice any less barbaric?
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. Barbaric, we might exclaim, how awful!
10. What is happening here is barbaric and totally unnecessary.
11. We consider the death penalty to be barbaric.
12. The river was despotic and barbaric, ruling over its subjects without mercy.
13. It is no less barbaric than killing people on a street corner.
14. This procedure, as barbaric as it is, is not done by governments.
15. Attack and reprisal-increasingly barbaric and brutal by turn-have marked the conflict since then.
16. Most of them were from the barbaric tribes nearer the frozen Hub(, which had a sort of export trade in heroes.
17. It was also due to a barbaric delight in high-sounding verbiage, and probably this was the most powerful reason for its use.
18. She found the idea of killing animals for pleasure barbaric.
19. I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man.
20. I think any sport involving animals where the animals do not have a choice is barbaric and uncivilized.
21. The way the whales are killed is nothing short of barbaric.
22. In years to come, some of the practices we take for granted now will seem quite barbaric.
23. The man who led the campaign for the ban says such barbaric activities had to be stopped.
24. Wine was carefully mixed with water, because drinking undiluted wine was considered barbaric.
25. Grunting with satisfaction, he tore the raw chicken apart with teeth and hands, pulsing with barbaric strength.
26. He denies the claim from opponents that foxhunting is a barbaric sport.
27. This practice has the merit of cutting down expense as well as of checking one's primitive barbaric instincts.
28. They know it makes the state look like a bunch of Neanderthals, with such a barbaric method.
29. Until recently, the great objective was to free the peasants from the barbaric constraints of Nature.
30. Whatever we do, they will still cling to their barbaric customs.
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