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Cerebrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: therebysincerelyceremonyhere and therebrushbrutalabruptrebutMeaning: ['serɪbrəm]  n. anterior portion of the brain consisting of two hemispheres; dominant part of the brain in humans. 
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1 The cerebrum is the thinking part of the brain.
2 Is not, Not cerebrum, Is unable to ponder ~!
3 Does cerebrum have method cure for hematic inadequacy?
4 Chair in cerebrum below, each organ a meeting.
5 The surface of cerebrum is increased by many gyri.
6 In case of anger or nervousness, the cerebrum will excrete noradrenalin —toxic hormone which will cause diseases.
7 When late, the cerebrum oxygen requirement will increase, will be seasonable when makes the breathing.
8 Then, can consciousness as function of human cerebrum, change into another form?
9 Conclnsion: The cisterna longitudinal cerebrum and cisterna fossae lateralis cerebri was increasing after 50 years old.
10 What game to play to be beneficial to cerebrum health?
11 Pawn ministry is traumatic the ability when causing cerebrum to be damaged badly may be caused gawkish .
12 Measurement showed the septum pellucidi deviated from falx cerebrum and midline.
13 Results TAEP can markedly activate MAO B in cerebrum and antagonise the inhibition of MAO B activity by nialamide.
14 Now and then is seeing bloodcurdling thing stimulate cerebrum good be bad?
15 The patient is in the process that enjoys music, the air that adopts music, rhythm, harmonic,[] tonal will adjust the function that cerebrum margin system and head do reticulate structure.
16 The levels of lead and several other metal elements in cerebrum, cerebella , hippocampus, liver, kidneys and blood of the rats are measured by X-ray fluorescence method.
17 Green fluorescent protein expression was observed in the tissues of cerebrum, hippocampus, thalamencephalon, cerebellum and brain stem.
18 Dysphasia may develop as a result of vascular, neoplastic, traumatic, infective or degenerative disease of the cerebrum when language areas are involved.
19 Why sad when doesn't the thing that do get cerebrum control?
20 The basic principles of Al harming to intellect of human were studied. The results show that Al can enter cerebrum and combine with brain neurofibril to form neurofibrillary tangles and senile spots.
21 DHA has been gradually become the investigative focus in recent years for its biological functions of improving cerebrum growth, protecting vision, dropping blood-fat and preventing arteria sclerosis.
22 The majority ethylism is betided to drink liquor. Ethanol has severe injury effect in the developmenting cerebrum, nevertheless, the mechanism of action is still dimness.
23 If the person feels anxious and angry all day, his cerebrum will produce toxic hormones called " noradrenalin and adrenalin".
24 Results Most of 37 cases located at junctional zone between ectocinerea and alba of cerebrum.
25 Objective: To study the microanatomical characteristics and surgical significance of sphenoidal segment of cistern in lateral fossa of cerebrum (Sylvian cistern).
26 All the brain damage occurred in a region of the cerebrum known as the rhinencephalon.
27 Abstract:Objective To explore the development regularity of nitire oxide synthase(NOS) positive neurons in the lobus frontalis of the cerebrum of human fetus.
28 In communicating hydrocephalus, round-blunt ascending tridentate imaging was showed, the nuclide was accumulated on the surface of cerebrum and longitudinal fissure and dissipation time was delayed.
29 Rat-tat rat-tat rat-tat ...The alarm clock has shouted ...I see have got out of bed ...The cerebrum mounts a morning shift today , can not arrive late in keeping on being warning of self, oh!
30 However, these nutrients are the synthesis manifest to the child cerebrum growth's function, supplements any very inaccessibility effect only.
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