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Drum in a sentence

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Synonym: beatdrillpoundreiteraterepeatstriketapSimilar words: drugdrudgeryforumrumordecorumspectruminstrumentMeaning: [drʌm]  n. 1. a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end 2. the sound of a drum 3. a bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends 4. a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquids 5. a hollow cast-iron cylinder attached to the wheel that forms part of the brakes 6. small to medium-sized bottom-dwelling food and game fishes of shallow coastal and fresh waters that make a drumming noise. v. 1. make a rhythmic sound 2. play a percussion instrument 3. study intensively, as before an exam. 
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1. The skin of the drum is taut.
2. They were trying to drum up new business.
3. A long drum roll introduced the trapeze artists.
4. Don't drum the floor with your feet.
5. Our teacher used to drum our multiplication tables into us.
6. The drum is one of the oldest musical instruments.
7. I tried,but failed,to drum into him that he shouldn't smoke so much.
8. Read the five drum in the middle of the night, but the play fast and loose.
9. The organization is using the event to drum up business .
10. We heard the beat of a drum.
11. She's really banging the drum for the new system.
12. We were unable to drum up enthusiasm for the new policies.
13. We've leafleted the university today to try to drum up some support.
14. We couldn't drum up enough cash to keep the club going.
15. The mixture flows to a revolving drum where the water is filtered out.
16. He drums a drum for the band.
17. He was trying to drum up some enthusiasm for the project.
18. They beat the drum for freedom.
19. The company is banging the drum for their new software.
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20. We shall drum him out of the corps for insubordination.
21. Listen to him beat that drum.
22. We spooled the rope off the drum, and put it down the hill.
23. We're launching a campaign to drum up more business.
24. The organisers are hoping to drum up support from local businesses.
25. The reverberations of the drum were still vibrating in the air.
26. She tried to drum the idea of success into his head.
27. She puts a piece of plastic tubing in her mouth and starts siphoning gas from a huge metal drum.
28. The high point of the concert came during the drum solo.
29. An information booklet will be available and press advertisements will drum home the message.
30. He had flown to the north of the country to drum up support for the campaign.
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