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Metonymy in a sentence

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Similar words: antonymanonymoussynonymouspseudonymanonymouslypatronymiccome toget onMeaning: [mɪ'tɑnɪmɪ /mɪ'tɒnɪmɪ]  n. substituting the name of an attribute or feature for the name of the thing itself (as in `they counted heads'). 
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1 Tropes include metaphor, simile, metonymy, synecdoche, etc.
2 Simile, metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche have the same characteristic that is metaphoric use.
3 Tropes are chiefly of four kinds, metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony.
4 Second, causality metonymy is by far the most productive model that English idioms of anger reflect.
5 The cognitive pragmatic approach to metonymy, it seems that, has complemented the cognitive semantics to a comprehensive and systematical study.
6 The key point is that metonymy thing which has close relationship thing.
7 The overlapping or interaction of metaphor and metonymy sometimes exists in semantic extension.
8 In cognitive linguistics, metonymy concepts are part of the ordinary, everyday way we think and act as well as talk, so we can apply metonymic thought to interpret anaphora in English texts.
9 Metonymy and synecdoche are rhetoric plot often used in English and there are some differences between them but also some affiliation between them.
10 This paper discusses the relation between metonymy and synecdoche in the first part.
11 Based on the cognitive linguistic construal of metonymy, this paper analyzes and exemplifies the metonymic nature of discourse titles that takes on two senses.
12 In broad sense, metonymy includes three relations: contiguity, subjection and antonomasia.
13 Metaphor and metonymy are two important cognitive devices in the process of semantic extension.
14 The vocabulary that we have to wrestle with for today's essay is taken in part from Jakobson's understanding of the relationship between metaphor and metonymy,( and we will have more to say about that.
15 This thesis has mainly explained semantic extension mechanism of basic color terms on the basis of metonymy and metaphor from synchronic approach.
16 The deeper structure is a linguistic basis in its essence, made up of four basic discourse patterns:metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony.
17 In form aspect, morphemes can form words not only by original meaning but also by transferred meaning; formation word by morphemic metonymy provides an important way for producing new words.
18 In this paper, the author probes into polysemy from a cognitive perspective of metonymy.
19 The word - building ways mainly consist of homonym, overlap, metaphor, metonymy, abbreviation, loanword or explaining a word in another way.
20 Chapter 6 offers a comprehensive description and a summary of verbalization, with an interpretation using the metonymy model.
21 Melville's Mardi consists of two parts which include a series of dichotomies between verisimilitude and fictionalization, between monologue and dialogue, and between metonymy and metaphor.
22 According to the analysis and statistics of polysemant in "Modern Chinese Dictionary", we find that the metaphor relationship between modern Chinese polysemant is more than metonymy relationship.
23 The fourth part is the Kirgiz proverb rhetoric feature. The common rhetoric forms are simile , analogy, hyperbole, metonymy, comparison, dualization and rhetorical question.
24 According to cognitive semantics, semantic extension is a process from the basic semantic meaning to other meanings through metaphor[], metonymy or other cognitive means.
25 Foregrounding at the semantic level lies in the employment of a number of rhetorical devices, i. e. , simile, metaphor, synecdoche, metonymy, personification and pun.
26 Rhetorical devises are various, but those which operate in the increasing process are simile or metaphor, personification, metonymy , euphemism, garble and alias.
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