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Bulbous in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bulbnebulousfabulousfantabulouselbowpencil boxbullbulkMeaning: ['bʌlbəs]  adj. 1. shaped like a bulb 2. curving outward. 
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(1) He had a huge bulbous nose.
(2) He stuck his bulbous red nose back into his pint of beer.
(3) My hand was lacerated, deformed, and bulbous with pus.
(4) Chantal carried her bulbous crash hat under one arm.
(5) Lift and transplant bulbous plants where they are becoming overcrowded.
(6) Certain species of sphagnum and the acid-loving bulbous rush may become abundant.
(7) There were thick bulbous calf muscles teetering on stiletto heels.
(8) She tried nibbling at the bulbous wad of meat and then at the toasted roll.
(9) Borneo monkey having a long bulbous nose.
(10) He has a huge, bulbous nose.
(11) Bulbous: Resembling a bulb in shape; rounded or swollen.
(12) Old World perennial bulbous herbs.
(13) A bulbous snout emerged next to me.
(14) Under a bulbous, pimply nose, his lips were trembling.
(15) North Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead.
(16) The first is a bulbous cylinder that is marked, altered and sprigged.
(17) Any of several chiefly tropical American bulbous plants of the genus Hippeastrum grown as ornamentals for their large, showy, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers that are grouped in umbels.
(18) There was only a little bulbous press in each room.
(19) Paulette thought the Prince disgustingly ugly: he was obnoxiously thin, with a bulbous round head on a ridiculously long neck.
(20) Natalie: My chihuahua is my Life, she is small and gorgeous with these big bulbous eyes.
(21) The roomy silos of the hull flanks gave it a bulbous appearance that defied approval by any aesthetic but the purely functional.
(22) Above, where hot lava erupted from the crust to be chilled by cold sea-water are purple, bulbous pillow lavas.
(23) Fitzosbert's sunken cheeks were liberally rouged and this made his bulbous grey eyes seem even more fish-like.
(24) He concluded by asking Miller for one little root of Ixia, or other bulbous plant from the Cape.
(25) It was a faded red color, with big, rounded fenders and a bulbous cab.
(26) The vessel is a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger with twin screw, twin rake, single deck, fully welded, streamline, bulbous bow, twin-skeg, round bilge hull.
(27) TO transform himself into an aging J. Edgar Hoover, Leonardo DiCaprio sat for hours at a time while makeup artists gave him liver spots, yellow teeth and big, bulbous love handles.
(28) The region is characterized by the dense microvilli, separate cilia and bulbous structure. The neuron-like or phagocyte-like supraependymal cells and beaded-nerve fibers were observed.
(29) The door opened and there was Michael, a man in his late sixties, burly, broad-shouldered, a bulbous nose, a magenta blouse, boobs, pink lipstick.
(30) A Eurasian garlic(Allium ursinum) having broad, stalked, oblong to lance-shaped leaves and bulbous roots used in salads and relishes. Often used in the plural.
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