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Bona fide in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2016-08-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: diffidentconfidentcan affordside by sidebondbonuscarbonribbonMeaning: [‚bəʊnə'faɪdɪ]  adj. 1. undertaken in good faith 2. not counterfeit or copied. 
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1. Is it a bona fide, reputable organization?
2. You're a bona fide member of the team now.
3. Make sure you are dealing with a bona fide company.
4. Only bona fide members are allowed to use the club pool.
5. We are happy to donate to bona fide charitable causes.
6. The hotel car park is only for bona fide guests.
7. But from the viewpoint of a bona fide jazz musician, it is not really jazz.
8. Some entertainment expenses are bona fide business expenses under the tax laws-and these are discussed shortly.
9. Were the contracts made bona fide?
10. The respondent was not acting bona fide.
11. Madonna is a bona fide music star.
12. Were they bona fide contracts?
13. There are few bona fide readers but many dippers.
14. This is a bona fide reduction in price.
15. Besides, and there can' t be bona fide acquisition for the real guarantee of movable property which takes regislation for the publicity way.
16. The offer I am empowered to make is bona fide.
17. A bona fide holder for value free from any defect in the title of his predecessors.
18. By exploring origin and vicissitude of bona fide possession, we point out that the system of bona fides possession only is applied to movable property at first, and then to immovable property later.
19. She said she believed the memo was genuine, in part because other leaked documents had proved to be bona fide.
20. Charging an expense on a company credit card does not automatically make it a bona fide business expense.
21. And in turn, their fashion photography somehow seems elevated, more substantial because it was created by bona fide artistes.
22. Only very rarely would subjects become conscious of the fact that this was not a bona fide study in free association.
23. But, to be fair to myself, she could, at times, become a bona fide drone.
24. But during this season, which has failed to turn up one bona fide breakaway hit, it seems harder than ever.
25. To be specific, as for the general assignment of creditor's rights, the agreement is binding between two parties but invalid to a bona fide third party.
26. The drill sergeant and professor are at least human and have bona fide experience and merit.
27. Hukou reform in Chongqing has stalled as thousands of farmers have refused to alter their hukou status out of fear of losing their land for the smoke and mirror benefits of being a bona fide urbanite.
28. A common problem that you may come across when building "a box" to do something-- whether a one-off gizmo or bona fide scientific instrument --is the rats nest of wires.
29. For Walker, Iverson and Marbury,[] 2009 - 10 is a bona fide annus horribilis.
30. I know there is such thing as Whois Privacy but they should not be used by bona fide companies.
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