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Bombard in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-05-22Updated:2017-05-22
Synonym: attackopen fireshelltorpedoSimilar words: bombardmentbombastbombasticatom bombbombh-bombbomberbombingMeaning: [bɒm'bɑːd]  n. a large shawm; the bass member of the shawm family. v. 1. cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile 2. throw bombs at or attack with bombs 3. address with continuously or persistently, as if with a barrage. 
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1. Overprotective parents may bombard their young children with messages that reinforce their lack of mastery.
2. The media bombard people with advertisements.
3. Bombard, it is the military affairs of militarist!
4. Damaging cosmic rays also bombard the planets.
5. Bombard, for territory complete.
6. The Grand Bombard has increased range, damage and accuracy compared to the bombard.
7. Scientists use virus neutron as cannonball to bombard the cell genetic nuclide, observing whether or not it can go through the cell reaction while producing some untapped artificial radionuclide.
8. The free neutrons can bombard other nuclei, leading to a series of fissions a chain reaction.
9. The molecules of air would bombard all sides and both ends of the cylinder.
9. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
10. You do this so as to not bombard the cloud manager with requests, and also to not have the flow run a continuous loop unnecessarily.
11. New bombard mission - artillery to soften the enemy before an assault.
12. But PEACOCK lets them bombard a tumor more precisely, and with higher doses of radiation.
13. Every moment countless bits of sensory information bombard our nervous system.
14. Most of the images that bombard us all are aspirational.
15. He agreed on condition that I bombard the enemy house.
16. Perhaps the sight of his footlocker had provoked her-a white man moving in to bombard the local ovaries with blue-eyed imperial genes.
17. The conventional treatment for large tumours, deep within the body, is to bombard them with powerful doses of gamma radiation.
18. Part of this problem stems from all the propaganda they bombard you with when you buy a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
19. In another analytical method, neutron activation, an atomic reactor is used to bombard the mineral with fast-moving neutrons.
20. I do not personally believe that North Korea actually wants the recommencement of open conflict or that they will actually bombard Seoul or fire a nuke at Hawaii.
21. The heliosphere shields the solar system from 90 percent of energetic cosmic rays — high-speed charged particles that would otherwise bombard the planets and harm life.
22. A massive Howitzer points into the sky as if preparing to bombard London – but it is carved, incongruously, in stone.
23. It is the nine hundred days of horrible starvation, death, chilliness and ceaseless bombard.
24. But when these words are extended into longer, the silent letters become audible: hymnal, condemnation and bombard.
25. To attack ( an enemy ) with heavy firepower; strafe or bombard.
26. This pulchritude hangs from the side wall of a bombard house.
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