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Scabbard in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2017-03-26
Similar words: sabbathsabbaticalscabscabiesbarddiscardbombardmentcardboardMeaning: ['skæbərd / -bəd]  n. a sheath for a sword or dagger or bayonet. 
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1. McGann, smooth as a velvet scabbard.
2. He slipped his knife into its scabbard.
3. His straight heavy sword hung in a gilded scabbard by his royal blue saddle-cloth that was embroidered with the King's cipher.
4. Chun had put his sword back into the scabbard and turned to a political solution.
5. With the scabbard, of course.
6. He made a very beautiful scabbard for his knife.
7. Is the scabbard made of wood or leather?
8. The dagger stuck tightly in the silver scabbard.
9. Wooden scabbard cowered in leather, has all brass parts.
10. Draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.
11. After scabbard film accumulates fluid operation how should recuperate?
12. Cupronickel scabbard, fragmentary hilt, double blood slots on blade, of two hanging styles.
13. Scabbard is inscribed with ancient symbols and lacquered to a smooth , glossy finish.
14. Do not encircle the scabbard with your fingers while drawing out your khukuri.
15. Hit the front edge of the scabbard close to the throat and the back edge several times with one hand while the other holds the khukuri handle firmly.
16. Make the pith scabbard that treats place nerve ending metamorphic, thereby provisionality interrupts an induction to conduct, and comb-out patient treats anguish.
17. Therefore hold the upper edge of the scabbard firmly with your palm and fingers but making no finger is placed on the front edge; thumb stretch out over the back edge then draw the weapon out slowly.
18. He held both of them for a moment before turning to Ian and presenting him with a sword drawn from its scabbard.
19. He hefted the dead man's sword, then strapped the scabbard to his waist, over his heavy furs.
20. A few of the mounts shifted their feet; here and there a rider slid his sword back and forth in its scabbard.
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21. Before khukuri is put out of action for a long period of time; oil the blade properly, wrapped it in a plastic or polythene bag and keep it out of the scabbard.
22. Bela slapped the sword on her thigh, but Jack noticed that she carried a Wolverine assault rifle in a saddle scabbard too, and had a heavy energy pistol in a shoulder holster.
23. It would be some time before the sword and its scabbard fitted together.
24. I'm free and make a sword by hacksaw, a scabbard by wood, with corium covered on, and fittings by Shoushan stone and boxwood .
25. Care should be taken not to expose the khukuri scabbard into the sun for a longer period of time as heating may help it to shrink a bit, and hence making the blade difficult to insert.
26. Lastly tuck in the khukuri completely and firmly push the blade forward against the front edge of the scabbard and then store in a cool dry place for few days.
27. Khukuri blade can also be prevented from wobbling inside the scabbard by pushing the blade forward towards the front edge of the scabbard.
28. Nerval pathological changes has axial mutation sex first, afterwards has pith scabbard denaturation.
29. However, there came a day finally when the sword slipped into the scabbard quite easily.
30. As most men are right handed, it was conventional to wear the sword and scabbard on the left-hand side of the belt, to facilitate the drawing of the sword with the right hand.
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