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Bomber in a sentence

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Synonym: Cuban sandwichItalian sandwichgrinderherohero sandwichhoagiehoagypoor boysubsubmarinesubmarine sandwichtorpedowedgezepSimilar words: suicide bombersombersomberlybeachcomberatom bombbombh-bombbombastMeaning: ['bɒmə]  n. 1. a military aircraft that drops bombs during flight 2. a person who plants bombs 3. a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States. 
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1. Bomber planes were sent out with fighter escorts.
2. The bomber scored a direct hit on the bridge.
3. The bomber turned police informer to escape prison.
4. A bomber had been brought down by anti-aircraft fire.
5. He flew a bomber during the war.
6. The returning bomber crews were debriefed.
7. The bomber had lost his nerve and fled.
8. The bomber dropped a flare to illuminate the target.
9. The bomber had breached security by hurling his dynamite from a roof overlooking the building.
10. By 1944, Fletcher had command of a B-17 bomber and a 10 man crew.
11. Down, comrades ! Down! The enemy bomber is shooting at us!
12. The Stealth bomber is meant to be invisible to radar.
13. It is said that the newly designed bomber is redlined at 850 miles an hour.
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14. The Tornado jet fighter - bomber has two air intakes.
15. The Air Commodore briefed the bomber crew on their dangerous mission.
16. The second type of target is strategic bomber bases.
17. He was wearing a black zip-up leather bomber jacket.
18. Is it because we got the Stealth bomber?
19. A woman Tiger suicide bomber then assassinated Gandhi.
20. The Oklahoma bomber, after all, used explosives.
21. The bomber turned informer and tipped off police.
22. He followed the bomber down until it dived into the sea off Filfla, three survivors being seen in the water.
23. The motives of the bomber in the San Diego is not yet known.
24. The bomber in Vallejo, police said, was part of a plot to disrupt the criminal justice system there.
25. Finally, the big bomber roared into the moonlit midsummer sky.
26. Three of the admiral's aides, along with the bomber, also died in the attack.
27. The bullets from our antiaircraft gun ripped into the fuselage of the enemy bomber.
28. It is understood that a few days before his death the young airman shot down a Dornier bomber.
29. By January 1944, Fletcher had command of a B-17 bomber and a ten man crew.
30. The two bombs that exploded in Vallejo were put in place by a bomber.
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