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Obtuse in a sentence

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Synonym: bluntdensedullslowslow-wittedstupidSimilar words: obtusenessobtainobtrusiveunobtrusiveunobtrusivelytusklotushiatusMeaning: [əb'tuːs /-'tju-]  adj. 1. of an angle; between 90 and 180 degrees 2. of a leaf shape; rounded at the apex 3. lacking in insight or discernment 4. slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity. 
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1. I've really been very obtuse and stupid.
2. 'But why?' said Charles, being deliberately obtuse.
3. She cannot possibly be so obtuse.
4. He's being deliberately obtuse.
5. Perhaps I'm being obtuse, but what has all this got to do with me?
6. Either she was woefully ignorant, or wilfully obtuse.
7. How today's youngsters are obtuse!
8. Heather tried to be as obtuse as she could.
9. Are you being deliberately obtuse?
10. We shall never know because the obtuse camera angle, from midwicket, provided insufficient evidence.
11. It had strange obtuse teeth, he thought it was part of an old church clock. Very elegant tapered spoke-arms.
12. Even the deeply obtuse can be seized by kamikaze zeal.
13. Maybe I'm being obtuse,[] but I don't understand what you're so upset about.
14. He was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse.
15. The relevant obtuse angle principle is proved.
16. Sepals obovate, apex rounded or obtuse.
17. You were too obtuse to take the hint.
18. Let be the obtuse angle between two adjacent faces of the solid.
19. Mathematics on the corner there is an obtuse, straight angle, acute angle, right angle, the students, what angle ah?
20. Surely the answer's obvious - or are you being deliberately obtuse?
21. The ventral arm plates are wider than long(, pentagonal with an obtuse proximal angle and a slightly convex distal edge.
22. The oral shield is rhombic but often with an obtuse proximal angle and a convex distal edge.
23. The distal ventral arm plates are more pentagonal with an obtuse proximal angle and a wide convex distal edge.
24. He is a renowned and honourable man, but with regard to this matter he is either being naive or obtuse.
25. The oral shields is a rounded pentagonal with an obtuse or slightly rounded proximal angle.
26. How could a man so intelligent in every other way be so obtuse when it came to ordinary everyday living?
27. Obtuse triangle: One of the three angles is an obtuse angle. The other two are acute angles.
28. The power supply voltage line includes an edge part formed in an obtuse angle .
29. Tom: Let's try to approach our awareness of what guilt is from perhaps a slightly obtuse angle .
30. Petiole 4-6 mm; leaf blade elliptic to oblong-elliptic, base cuneate to broadly cuneate, apex obtuse to subrounded and with a retuse tip.
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