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Auricle in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2016-12-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vehiclearticleparticlepopsicletricyclegauraurapubliclyMeaning: ['ɔːrɪkl]  n. 1. a small conical pouch projecting from the upper anterior part of each atrium of the heart 2. the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear. 
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1. The control relationship between the auricle and the body.
2. Pathology quiz case 1 Atypical fibroxanthoma of the auricle.
3. Objective To establish rat auricle allograft model for study of composite tissue allotransplantation.
4. METHOD Compare the auricle and footpad swelling, as well as the volume of bile, before and after administration of the alcohol extract of Aucklandiae. (AAE).
5. B . Palpate auricle for texture, tenderness and presence of lesions.
6. Conclusion: The method of treating pseudocyst of auricle by microwave is easy, effective and acceptable. It is worth while to use in clinic practice.
7. If client complai of pain, gently pull auricle and pre on tragus and behind ear over mastoid bone.
8. Pseudocyst of Auricle is a kind of proliferative aseptic inflammation with exudate.
9. The method of swelling mouse auricle and the method of blue-spot transudation in rat's skins were used to observe the anti-inflammatory effect of LYQF.
10. A . Inspect auricle for placement, size, symmetry, and color.
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11. The antiinflammatory effect was demonstrated using auricle edema induced by xylene in mice.
12. Methods: Methods Such as bacteriostasis, auricle inflammation dimethylacetic acid body turning and hot plate were used.
13. Methods Ear auricle was reconstructed with auto rib cartilage bracket and expanded mastoid region skin.
14. Particular use of Pear Bright Eyedrop can prominently provide inhibition to conjunctivitis of hare eye and auricle swelling of small mouse, which are caused by Croton Oil.
15. Objective To study prevention and treatment for complications of tissues expander in total auricle reconstruction.
16. Objective : To investigate the modification of chitin spray treatment of eczema of the auricle.
17. Conclusion: Surgical debride is a better way to cure purulent perichondritis of auricle.
18. Objective : To evaluate the effect of holmium laser in treating pseudocyst of the auricle.
19. RESULT The middle and high dosage of Aucklandiae alcohol extracts can inhibit auricle and footpad swelling in mice and increase the volume of bile in rats.
20. AIM To introduce the manufacturing method of magnetic silicon rubber auricle.
21. Most congenital auricular fistulae are located just above and in front of the meatus and named as preauricular fistula or pit. Some auricular fistulae are located in other areas of the auricle.
22. Results Those details of treatment make the incidence of ear chondritis fall obviously, also the auricle damage.
23. According to Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points on the auricle.
24. Methods: Choice129After the example nose department flesh wound the damage patient, using the auricle compound tissue block transplant repair nose department damage, observes its clinical effect.
25. Objective To study on the method and results on the rebuild auricle with Medpor on expanded skin flap of the mastoid process area.
26. The anti-inflammatory activity of PDS was determined in mice with auricle swelling induced by croton oil and the increased permeability of abdominal capillary induced by acetic acid.
27. A woman presented with pruritic papules and nodules on her left auricle around for more than 1 year, sonic of them were easily ruptured and bleeding after bruising.
28. Conclusion: Holmium laser treatment is one of the most easy and efficient methods to cure pseudocyst of the auricle.
29. The mouse and rat inflammatory models were caused with dimethylbenzene ( auricle and egg aponeurosis ) respectively.
30. However PAP showed no anti-inflammatory effect on hand paw swelling induced by carrageenin in rats and auricle edema induced by dimethyl benzene in mice.
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