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Wraith in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-02-05Updated:2017-02-05
Synonym: ghostshadespecterspectrespookSimilar words: traitportraitfaithstraitenedfaithfulwrapwrathwrasseMeaning: [reɪθ]  n. a mental representation of some haunting experience. 
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1. My only question right now involves the wraith.
2. That child flits about like a wraith.
3. A wraith with bright eyes in his gaunt face.
4. Who would not disappear like a wraith the moment she turned her back.
5. What could the Wraith possibly want with an Ancient drilling platform?
6. The Wraith Lord is a master of Death magic.
7. Is it because only a Wraith can enter a secret Wraith facility?
8. Week of Wight: Double growth for Wight and Wraith.
9. The caster summons a Wraith Lord from the Underworld to serve time.
10. What we see is an illusion a wraith.
11. Of, relating to, or resembling a ghost, a wraith, or an apparition; spectral.
12. When twilight and Prissy, scurrying like a black wraith, lit a lamp, Melanie became weaker.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. Here is the wild-eyed wraith of the engine room (Erwin Leder), who "cracks" during one crisis, then performs heroically in the next.
14. Why didn't the wraith blow them to pieces in the 38 mins they were sitting in orbit?
15. How would she know how a captured Wraith acts?
16. The new Wraith combat fighters and Valkyrie missile frigates proved to be an unwieldy combination against agile zerg airborne organisms.
17. The Wraith hadn't left the planet yet - it wasn't safe.
18. You're still not certain if any of the wraith on the planet survived?
19. Once again the tenuous thought that she'd previously failed to grasp hovered like a wraith on the verge of her consciousness.
20. One of them had the effrontery to bring a wraith back once.
21. He walked to the front of the room to join a tiny, dark-haired wraith who barely came up to his shoulder.
22. She turns round and a white sheet flaps, a white sail sails, a white wraith passes silently in front of her eyes.
23. And none of you are experiencing any after - effects from this wraith device?
24. Do you mean to tell us that there are live Wraith here in this cave?
25. One AI was a gray - robbed figure without a body. A wraith.
26. So , what you're saying is the Ancients actually created the Wraith?
27. And you think you can remain undetected by the Wraith as they go by your position?
28. Unfortunately, it also rough enough, we may be a preliminary analysis SILVER WRAITH or clouded leopard.
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