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Waterway in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2016-12-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: canalchannelpassagewayriverSimilar words: overwatchafterwardwaterby waterhold waterwatermelonboiling waterunder wayMeaning: n. 1. a navigable body of water 2. a conduit through which water flows. 
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1, The waterway has proved an invaluable asset.
2, There has been a navigable waterway to Exeter, in fact, since the sixteenth century.
3, It is a pristine waterway and kept that way by the many thoughtful campers that use the faculties along the way.
4, It was slow going. down the waterway in the Johnboat.
5, The circular waterway remained until the early nineteenth-century when it was filled and converted into a road.
6, Maps of the waterway show the locations of the many camps[], the Rangers Stations and the springs for getting fresh water.
7, Each slow curve of the waterway showed another glittering stretch with no end, however.
8, They came out into a wide waterway which ended in docks.
9, Sea, inland waterway, and road transport came under the control of the Commissariat as well as the railways.
10, Is the yard close to a stream, waterway or other body of water?
11, There are difficulties when ARPA applied to narrow waterway.
12, The waterway is silted up.
13, Arid areas such as this provides an important waterway.
14, Sailing boats lay at anchor in the narrow waterway.
15, The waterway is blocked up.
16, Lake Huron as a waterway.
17, Some 2,[]500 km of inland waterway channels will also be improved.
18, Cengang Bridge, 793 meters astride Cengang waterway, connecting Cengang and Lidiao Isle.
19, This mainly involves monitoring speed limits and ensuring that all craft are licensed to use the waterway.
20, Beyond the fountain, the pool and the tennis court, the gardens reach the inner coastal waterway.
21, Read in studio Boatmen are calling on local authorities to clean-up an historic section of a two hundred year old waterway.
22, We put in at a very tiny stream that would lead to the main waterway.
23, The project is based on the theme of the inland waterway and its significance historically, socially, environmentally and culturally.
24, The Chattahoochee was too shallow to keep barges afloat in the navigable waterway south of Atlanta.
25, The event will highlight the vital role played by the waterway in the region's industrial development.
26, The overall length of the aqueduct is 94 metres and provides a navigable waterway 4 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep.
27, But some canal users are disappointed with the way the waterway presents its public face, especially in the town of Banbury.
28, The model showed a good precision in the proof-test, and proved to be credible and practicable. It will provide the reference for the waterway passenger transport and the related industry.
29, A gate is composed of two color-striped poles that are suspended from an aerial wire that spans the race waterway.
30, Carp is a bottom-feeding fish, and the Tigris is a waterway teeming with industrial refuse and the sewage of towns along its path.
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