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Vulcanization in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-04-05Updated:2017-04-05
Similar words: organizationurbanizationorganizationalnonprofit organizationworld trade organizationcolonizationdecolonizationsynchronizationMeaning: n. process of treating rubber or rubberlike materials with sulphur at great heat to improve elasticity and strength or to harden them. 
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(1) Vulcanization is generally considered to be an irreversible process.
(2) Dosage and vulcanization condition is the same as 4010 NA antiager.
(3) The worldwide developing trends of rubber vulcanization accelerator were presented.
(4) The vulcanization mechanism , composition , application of addition type liquid silicone rubber are reviewed.
(5) At present, the vulcanization promoter M production method mainly uses the aniline process (i. e, high-pressured law).
(6) The property and characteristic of blending vulcanization system for air curing and compression molding were compared.
(7) Vulcanization, a refined version of this process, transformed the white sap from the bark of the Hevea tree into an essential product for the industrial age.
(8) The present situation and development trend of vulcanization accelerator at home and abroad were reviewed.
(9) The vulcanization accelerator system for neoprene is studied in this paper.
(10) According to shape it can be divided into rubber product type and rubber putty type (vulcanization and unvalcaization). We can select according to different demand of water-proof construction.
(11) The dynamic vulcanization conditions also had great influences on the properties of blending system.
(12) A study was made on the direct steam vulcanization of radial polyester (made in China) passenger car tire at elevated temperature.
(13) And the preliminary study the co vulcanization system the blending compound is also done.
(14) Stability: It causes reactivity of vulcanization with water molecule in air, and release methanol gas.
(15) The vulcanization curves of EPDM were determined by Monsanto rheometer at 180℃, 170℃, 160℃, 150℃ and 140℃.
(16) Dynamic - vulcanization PP composites were prepared with twin - screw extruder and dynamic - vulcanization technology.
(17) Molded and fabricated products of ebonite and soft rubber as well as hand-made rubber products are shown along with vulcanization technology, testing and inspections, measurements and standards.
(18) This work was undertaken to study the properties of compounded rubber and vulcanizate of BIC (sample Jin-20) by using two different vulcanization systems, (CZ-S) and TMTD.
(19) The results showed that it was rapid in response velocity, high in precision, strong in robust-ness while selecting human simulation control as control strategy for vulcanization shaping process.
(20) This study is useful to some extent for designing movable - plate of plane vulcanization machine.
(21) The experimental equipment of vibrational induction for dynamically full vulcanization was designed and used to measure and analyze the property and micromorphology of thermoplastic vulcanite(TPV).
(22) Also can absorb the harmful gas such as hydrogen of formaldehyde, vulcanization, benzene, phenol, ether aloe, red-spotted stonecrop , Chinese rose, rose.
(23) This series machine type is used for air spring forming to form various shapes, and for preforming of different specifications of automobiles, trains air spring before vulcanization.
(24) For the disadvantage and shortage, the four - location field pump rubber stator injection - vulcanization unit is newly designed.
(25) Zinc oxide is the most commonly used and an effective activator for sulphur vulcanization of rubber.
(26) Series electric belt vulcanizer, mechanical conveyor belt is the vulcanization bonding of specialized equipment.
(27) The process of change for thermo-oxidative degradation of latex film at different vulcanization time during the prevulcanization of latex by peroxide was studied by using of TG-DTG and DTA.
(28) The methods for manufacturing tert butylamine, which could be applied in many fields, such as synthesis of rubber vulcanization accelerators, are reviewed.
(29) The LPNRL, as compared with the normal NRL, had a slightly low vulcanization rate, a stable storage property and a satisfactory film forming property.
(30) Two-component polyurethane silicone rubber polysulfide rubber chloroprene rubber and epoxy resin sealant of this type are generally completed at room temperature vulcanization.
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