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Hybridization in a sentence

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Similar words: hybridnationalizationprivatizationacclimatizationrealizationutilizationorganizationpolarizationMeaning: [‚haɪbrɪdə'zeɪʃn /-daɪ'z-]  n. (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids. 
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1. Transcript/srRNA hybridization signal ratios were compared for the wild-type and mutant strains.
2. Low levels of hybridization are also detectable in other regions of the spinal cord.
3. In order to compare signals hybridization in Northern experiments, srRNA was used as an internal control.
4. This provides strong evidence that the hybridization signals obtained are highly specific and due to the transfected plasmid.
5. No variation was observed in the hybridization patterns of the normals.
6. Both animals were damaged by resultant hybridization, the reindeer becoming wilder and the caribou weaker.
7. Methods: Use in situ hybridization and patch clamp techniques.
8. Methods: Tested by in situ hybridization histochemistry technique.
9. Methods: Using digoxigenin labeled probe in situ hybridization.
10. Somatic cell hybridization is technique.
11. Interspecific hybridization of nucleic acids is a method of this type currently being developed.
12. The hybridization results also show that these PCR products have DNA homology with halobacteria.
13. The technique of digoxigenin labeled probe in situ hybridization is a new specific method in studying the location, distribution and infection mechanisms of SV40 DNA.
14. It is also true, however, that hybridization effects are important.
15. The hybridization reaction was conducted by immersing the ssDNA - immobilized electrode in FCA - DNA probe solution.
16. Methods: Using the whole mount in situ hybridization with a digoxigenin labeled probe.
17. The hybridization of conduction band is studied for close-packed compounds by means of LMTO method.
18. It was certain that introgressin hybridization happened in all 6 experimental populations of Liriodendron, although the orientation and extent of gene introgressin were different among populations.
19. Nonradioactive probes in nucleic acid hybridization are important for popularization of gene diagnosis techniques.
20. Molecular beacons are novel fluorescence oligonucleotide probes fluorescing upon hybridization to their complementary DNA/RNA targets with excellent sensitivity and high selectivity.
21. P 16 messenger RNA ( mRNA ) , p 27 mRNA weredetected by in situ hybridization ( ISH ) in these tissues.
22. A large mass of metaphase or interphase cells can be detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization on chromatosome and bone marrow smears to examine the number and structure of chromatosome .
23. Cymbidium hybridism is a very important ornamental plant . Hybridization is a primary method of breeding of Cymbidium hybridum.
24. Oxygen isotope variation maybe results from crystallization, degasification or hybridization of crust materials.
25. Method: Colorate the slice of the rat dental hard tissues and peridental tissue by the method of hybridization in situ. Observe the location of CGRP1 receptor by microscope.
26. More than 30-year studies and utilizations of chemical hybridizing agents(CHA)have greatly promoted the establishment and development of crop hybridization breeding with CHA.
27. Cyclic voltammetry was used to characterize the ssDNA immobilization and hybridization with its complementary DNA sequences by using methylene blue as indicator.
28. Daqingjin whose agronomical characters and the sun-cured leaves was the best could be used as parents for hybridization and also be released directly in production.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. Objective: To analyze the numerical aberration of chromosome X, Y and 18 in the spermatozoa of asthenospermia patients by triple-color fluorescence in situ hybridization.
30. BAC clones corresponding to telomeres, as well as to the centromere position and the gap sizes between contigs, were determined by BAC-pachytene chromosome fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
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