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Coherence in a sentence

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Synonym: coherencycohesioncohesivenessSimilar words: referenceconferencedifferencepreferencemake a differenceFrenchinherentcurrencyMeaning: [-ɪərəns]  n. 1. the state of cohering or sticking together 2. logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts. 
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1. Your essay lacks internal coherence.
2. A common religion ensures the coherence of the tribe.
3. They have struggled to create coherence within the group.
4. He had a coherence of outlook and thought.
5. The anthology has a surprising sense of coherence.
6. There's a strong sense of coherence in the school curriculum.
7. There was no coherence between the first and the second half of the film.
8. What kind of stability and coherence do we have?
9. Time works against understanding, coherence, and even meaning.
10. The first is the question of coherence, a worry which has already been encountered in connection with modular courses.
11. Meisel's second functional characteristic is coherence, which is rather more straight forward.
12. But there is usually some semblance of coherence to the proceedings, and a proper hook to draw us on.
13. A doctrine of creation could give coherence to scientific endeavor in so far as it implied a dependable order behind the flux of nature.
14. We have seen how coherence is created by our interaction with the text and is jointly created by both sender and receiver.
15. An overall theme will help to give your essay coherence.
16. The points you make are fine, but the whole essay lacks coherence.
17. The campaign was widely criticised for making tactical mistakes and for a lack of coherence.
18. She lost consciousness and when she came round she still lacked coherence and focus.
19. It's more useful to think of it as a way of giving coherence and focus to the work of small groups.
19. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
20. The while there is no recognizable form to the poem, there is a tight coherence in the thematic development.
21. Attention is focused on the programme of public sector renewal initiated by Prime Minister Rocard, its underlying values and intellectual coherence.
22. The other members began to find that he gave the faculty coherence and a sense of purpose.
23. Perhaps as a punishment for having failed to find coherence.
24. But what is extraordinary about all these intricate reworkings of such disparate source material is the coherence of the final results.
25. It is a challenge to tell these separate stories without losing overall coherence.
26. To what extent, therefore, should be continue to seek coherence of theme or form within the exhibition mode of exposition?
27. Meisel identifies three functional characteristics which-Mosca's elite has to have - group consciousness. coherence and conspiracy.
28. Records of achievement also play an important role ill developing this coherence.
29. To design something usually implies careful thought, preparation, organization, and coherence.
30. Furthermore, Oakeshott's notion of tradition does contain within it - in the idea of coherence - criteria of self-reflection.
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