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Thrash in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: batterbeatflounderknocklashpitchpoundrapreelrockrollspanktosstumblewallowwhipSimilar words: phraseurethraenthrallparaphrasenoun phraseenthralledarthralgiarashMeaning: [θræʃ]  n. a swimming kick used while treading water. v. 1. give a thrashing to; beat hard 2. move or stir about violently 3. dance the slam dance 4. beat so fast that (the heart's) output starts dropping until (it) does not manage to pump out blood at all 5. move data into and out of core rather than performing useful computation 6. beat the seeds out of a grain 7. beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight. 
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1. Three shaggy-haired men thrash tunelessly at their guitars.
2. Salmon thrash their tails and leap from the water.
3. We still have to get together and thrash out the details.
4. His body began to thrash wildly.
5. Anne heard the tinny thrash of muted music.
6. Alex and Thrash in bizarre love triangle!
7. There's a bloody thrash metal band, actually.
8. Then, flexing their powerfully muscled silver bodies, they thrash their tails and leap from the water.
9. Both Alex and Thrash attended church schools and still nurse sour memories of indoctrination there.
10. The more I wail and thrash the deeper I go, just like in any swamp or quicksand.
11. Just withering thrash grooves that shoot past in a punch-drunk blur, leaving their peers way behind.
12. Commissioners will thrash out how much phone companies can charge their competitors for using their lines in various ways.
13. The snake is still finding enough strength to thrash around as much as a flying snake might dare.
14. Their heads thrash about on the bloodied floor, gnashing their teeth and foaming at the mouth.
15. You'll have to thrash out the question among yourselves.
16. We must thrash that matter out.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. It's time to thrash out all the problems.
18. The outflows can thrash about, forming curved jets.
19. Farmers used to thrash their wheat by hand.
20. He threatened to thrash the life out of me.
21. Let's thrash the whole subject out.
22. She would never thrash her children.
23. Never mind the side issues, let's get down to brass tacks and thrash out a basic agreement.
24. The singer could feel she was losing her audience and she began to thrash around.
25. None the less to ward them off, lanterns are hung near the surface where the sharks thrash about.
26. Rebel against the party line and the usually dreary office thrash will become a real glam ball.
27. I personally feel it's a shame that certain manufacturers are making amps to please thrash metallers only.
28. And I was sorry to miss you at the Keppels's thrash.
29. The slim man had seized the whip, and after two more murderous kicks, commenced to thrash the defenceless coachman.
30. Conversation was limited by the roar of the engine and the thrash of the bow waves.
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