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Nocturnal in a sentence

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Synonym: nightlySimilar words: journalturn awayjournalistjournalismequinoctialtournamentexternalinternalMeaning: ['nɑktɜrnl /'nɒktɜːnl]  adj. 1. belonging to or active during the night 2. of or relating to or occurring in the night. 
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1. The dormouse is a shy, nocturnal creature.
2. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures.
3. Rebecca paid a nocturnal visit to the flat.
4. Nocturnal animals sleep by day and hunt by night.
5. Nocturnal animals such as bats and owls only come out at night.
6. When there is a full moon, this nocturnal rodent is careful to stay in its burrow.
7. Most bats are nocturnal.
8. Polypterus palmas is a nocturnal, predatory species.
9. Adaptable body rhythms, as easily nocturnal as diurnal.
10. The night was noisy with its own nocturnal sounds.
11. Al occasionally takes a nocturnal stroll.
12. I pictured nocturnal gamblers crouching over their cards, sleepless lovers writing letters, nurses sitting by the beds of invalids.
13. Prosimians, such as the nocturnal mouse lemur of Madagascan forests, feed on invertebrates and are active at night.
14. The sun had set and dusk, like some nocturnal beast, had crept out of hiding and was stealthily licking its paws.
15. Nocturnal enuresis alone, particularly if primary, is both a disorder of maturation and a genetic trait.
16. During their nocturnal forays, they can travel as far as 30 miles in their search for supper.
17. Most owls are nocturnal, hunting at night for similar prey to the diurnal or day-hunting hawks.
18. Ghost Owl An eerie nocturnal predator who flew on silent wings, feared throughout the world as a supernatural bird of ill-omen.
19. Most nocturnal grazing animals such as deer close their pupil as a horizontal shutter.
20. In most cases, nocturnal singing, such as your whitethroat indulged in, also comes about through human interference.
21. Abnormalities in the inhibition of motility during sleep should be evaluated in patients who report nocturnal faecal incontinence.
22. In Rome her proper name was Fauna or Damia, and her nocturnal orgiastic ceremonies were restricted to women.
23. Strung between the lamp-posts like gelatine they were devoid of nocturnal magic in the middle of a winter day.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. Unlike most members of his research team, Cantor was not a nocturnal creature.
25. The plan will involve studying the behaviour of these shy nocturnal creatures which live in the thickest parts of woods.
26. The air is filled with a dingo's howl, the footpaths alive with the poisonous snakes on their slithering nocturnal hunt.
27. It will be important to know whether the trend in nocturnal hospital admissions has changed since the new contract was introduced.
28. She looked so human standing there, so normal, not like the nocturnal creature he would drive to wienie roasts.
29. The music washed up against the redbrick walls and rose into the nocturnal emptiness.
30. It was a jungle of thick eucalyptus, corpses, tangled azalea, and memories of aimless nocturnal screams.
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