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Encroach in a sentence

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Sentence count:51+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: break ininfringeinterfereintrudetrespassSimilar words: encroachmentbroachapproachbroachedreproachcockroachreproachfulcoachMeaning: [ɪn'krəʊtʃ]  v. 1. advance beyond the usual limit 2. impinge or infringe upon. 
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1. She has no right to encroach on my time.
2. His new farm buildings encroach on his neighbour's land.
3. I won't encroach on your time any longer.
4. The new institutions do not encroach on political power.
5. He never allows work to encroach upon his family life.
6. We will never allow anybody to encroach upon China's territorial integrity and sovereignty.
7. They have promised that the development will not encroach on public land.
8. New housing is starting to encroach upon the surrounding fields.
9. Nor does it encroach upon our objects.
10. It always seems presumptuous to encroach on that self-sufficiency.
11. Gordimer doesn't allow her political activities to encroach on her writing.
12. In the New World preachers felt free to encroach and poach in search of souls.
13. If the sea did not constantly encroach[Sentencedict], the salt within them would be washed out by rain.
14. Submerged oxygenating plants sometimes encroach beyond reasonable bounds and these too should be dealt with regularly.
15. He had, until then, been very unwilling to encroach on the authority of his formidable Secretary of State.
16. One could not encroach upon the other.
17. It will not encroach on important structures.
18. Any attempt to encroach upon presidential prerogatives in this domain was quickly and firmly resisted.
19. Our army must cherish the people and never encroach on their interests.
20. Copyright, trade mark privileges encroach right the legal damages have not stipulated lower limit etc.
21. I resent it that my job is starting to encroach on my family life.
22. Traditionally men have compartmentalized their lives, never letting their personal lives encroach upon their professional lives.
23. Fourthly, a successful terminal at Stratford would inevitably and inexorably encroach on the Lea Valley regional park and reduce leisure facilities.
24. The growth of bureaucratic power since 1900, Handlin wrote, had begun ominously to encroach upon the freedom of the individual.
25. Q: If Johnson Brothers moves upmarket, will it not encroach on Wedgwood mid-priced markets?
26. The law stipulates that a monument can not interfere or encroach upon an existing memorial.
27. I sensed, without understanding the implications, that he had areas of being upon which I was forbidden to encroach.
28. Our PLA fighters, with the help of the militiamen, are vigilantly safeguarding our frontiers against any enemies who should dare to encroach on our territory.
29. at Polaroid, one-hour photo labs and then digital photography began to encroach, helped along by some management decisions that ultimately backfired.
30. Jural department decides so: Get in flavour the other side agrees and make not the behavior of ghost calls encroach him (she) person body abbreviation " the gender is annoyed " .
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