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Superstition in a sentence

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Synonym: folkloreold wives' taletraditionSimilar words: superstitiousmonopolistic competitionconstitutional conventionpetitioncompetitionrepetitionpractitionerrestitutionMeaning: [‚suːpə(r)'stɪʃn]  n. an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear. 
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1. Ignorance and superstition prevent them from benefiting from modern medicine.
2. According to superstition, if you walk under a ladder it brings you bad luck.
3. I don't believe in the old superstition that the number 13 is unlucky.
4. According to superstition, breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
5. It's all rubbish and superstition, and there's nothing in it.
6. It's a common superstition that black cats are unlucky.
7. Society needs to advance beyond prejudice and superstition.
8. There's an old superstition that young girls going to bed on this night dream of their future husbands.
9. People labour under ignorance and superstition.
10. The topic of birth is riddled with superstition.
11. His mind was besotted with fear(,ignorance and superstition.
12. There is a fine line between superstition and religion.
13. Had her mother harboured some primitive superstition about the totemistic quality of one's possessions?
14. The devil divides the world between atheism and superstitionGeorge Herbert 
15. Superstition is the only religion of which base souls are capable of. Joseph Joubert 
16. There is a widely held superstition that garlic protects against evil.
17. The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits,[] but not when it misses. Francis Bacon 
18. Hence its rather lordly detachment, its contempt for superstition, and its obvious scepticism.
19. Superstition is the poetry of life. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 
20. Stars and superstition just seem to go hand in hand.
21. Superstition is the death of a thinking mind. Dr T.P.Chia 
22. There is some kind of popular superstition that crystalline materials are weak.
23. Fortune-telling is a very much debased art surrounded by superstition.
24. The aid agency continues the battle against ignorance and superstition.
25. The ill are no longer ostracized as moral pariahs except by a few remaining primitive tribes ruled by superstition.
26. To place something else at the center may arouse fears that superstition and non-scientific ideas will attack an undefended citadel of science.
27. Organized religion is a product of a mix of superstition, delusion, divination and humanity to calm and control the human mind. Dr T.P.Chia 
28. Neither was a spiritualist, but both connected contemporary ideas of earthbound survival with the ancient superstition of eternal youth.
29. It is unlikely that scientific thinking will ever entirely supersede superstition and religion.
30. So it produces an odd sensation to learn, again from Anna, that this superstition was in fact Dostoevsky's.
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