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Simian in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bohemiansemiannualsimilesimilarsimilarlypessimismpessimistfacsimileMeaning: ['sɪmɪən]  n. an ape or monkey. adj. relating to or resembling an ape. 
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1. Ada had a wrinkled, simian face.
2. Micky's brow corrugated in a simian frown.
3. They stared, they watched, they were simian.
4. She is not strictly beautiful but has a simian intensity.
5. Many were surprised by Williams's appearance, which was simian and scarlet-faced, slightly boozy.
6. Tissue, Total Protein, Monkey (Simian) Adult Normal, Ductus deferens.
7. Tissue, Membrane Protein, Monkey (Simian) Adult Normal, Ductus deferens.
8. Tissue, Cytoplasmic Protein, Monkey (Simian) Adult Normal, Ductus deferens.
9. Tissue, Total Protein, Monkey (Simian) Adult Normal, Brain, Occipital Lobe.
10. Tissue, Total Protein, Monkey (Simian) Adult Normal, Brain, Medulla Oblongata.
11. Small of stature and simian in appearance , these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility.
12. Simian and Simian products manufacturing sales; Dried and silk products, Chinese chestnut, oil - bearing crops, medicines procurement.
13. The simian virus, known as S.I.V.cpz, is considered the precursor of H.I.V.-1, which crossed the species barrier sometime in the past 100 years.
14. Cannong licensing Simian fiber tough, shiny white color and without any impurities.
15. All I got for my pains was a grunt that fitted well with his simian features.
15. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
16. Actually, Rutledge is a thief who employs his abused, trained ape Dunston as a simian cat burglar.
17. Grant, 35, and his longtime girlfriend, actress-model Elizabeth Hurley, have formed their own production company, Simian Films.
18. The first motion picture from Jim Henson Pictures centers on a cute little simian child who becomes an 800-pound gorilla.
19. Curiosity is the taproot of an intellectual life , the most valuable of our simian traits.
20. H.I.V. evolved about a century ago from a chimpanzee virus known as simian immunodeficiency virus, or S.I.V.
21. Objective To establish the ELBA for detection of antibody to simian B virus.
22. Hindus revere them as a symbol of the monkey deity Hanuman, whose simian army helped rescue Sita, the god Rama's wife, from a demon king, according to a Sanskrit epic.
23. If more evidence piles up in favor of prosimian social learning, it's almost a given that the ability first emerged before prosimian and simian primates split about 63 million years ago, Santos said.
24. Or perhaps the image came not from humans, but from some natural-history programme about our simian relatives, who spend much of their time literally nit-picking as part of grooming.
25. His major systemic findings include cleft lip and palate, polydactyly , simian crease, congenital heart disease (V. S. D. ), inguinal hernia, hypotonicity of neck and low set ear.
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