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Wrinkle in a sentence

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Synonym: agecorrugatecreasecrinkledeclinedecreasefoldfurrowpuckerridgeSimilar words: wrinkledsprinkletinklesprinklingankletankleinklingwringMeaning: ['rɪŋkl]  n. 1. a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface 2. a minor difficulty 3. a clever method of doing something (especially something new and different). v. 1. gather or contract into wrinkles or folds; pucker 2. make wrinkles or creases into a smooth surface 3. make wrinkled or creased 4. become wrinkled or crumpled or creased. 
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(1) The harsh light revealed every crevice and wrinkle in his face.
(2) Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
(3) Too much sunbathing will wrinkle your skin.
(4) Her skin was still without a wrinkle.
(5) The clothes may wrinkle up in water.
(6) Sunbathing can prematurely age and wrinkle the skin.
(7) He noticed a wrinkle in her stocking.
(8) She wore a brown shirt pressed without a wrinkle.
(9) Already frost was whitening every wrinkle of her sleeve.
(10) I like silk, but it tends to wrinkle.
(11) Shiseido's Wrinkle Smoothing Concentrate works on the principle of an optical illusion.
(12) Every hair and wrinkle of him is big, as though I was looking at him with one of those microscopes.
(13) She would wrinkle her nose, show all her teeth and give a little puff of a snort.
(14) A nose wrinkle, with nostrils flaring backwards: betrays annoyance or disgust.
(15) The added wrinkle of possible impeachment proceedings only heightened investors' concern over the budget stalemate in Washington.
(16) How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew. Ralph Waldo Emerson 
(17) I took a hand mirror and examined this wrinkle from the side[ ], frowning to deepen it.
(18) Reduce the slim wrinkle and gravidity veins.
(19) Every wrinkle and laugh line has been well-earned.
(20) You can get Botox injections for that forehead wrinkle.
(21) A worsted twill weave that is wrinkle resistant.
(22) Synthetic fabrics usually don't wrinkle as easily as cotton.
(23) Sniffle. Wrinkle nose. Flare nostrils.
(24) Today's accepted method of imparting crease resistance and wrinkle recovery to cotton is essentially that which was discovered in England in 1928.
(25) For links to hot spot ship mark wrinkle film, you can increase pressure on pressure rollers.
(26) The skin on her cheeks and around her eyes was beginning to wrinkle.
(27) Token children marooned on the Harrogate platform could not reduce the wrinkle count in the auditorium.
(28) J., drug maker will begin marketing Renova, its new brand name for the prescription wrinkle cream, by February.
(29) That was followed by a series of appearances on talk shows by doctors who extolled Retin-A as a wrinkle treatment.
(30) One of the industry's booming sectors is anti-aging skin care, featuring wrinkle creams and facial serums.
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