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Encroachment in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-02-24Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: impactimpingementintrusioninvasiontrespassusurpationviolationSimilar words: detachmentimpeachmentparchmentenrichmentbroachapproachreproachbroachedMeaning: [-mənt]  n. 1. any entry into an area not previously occupied 2. entry to another's property without right or permission 3. influencing strongly. 
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1. I resent the encroachment on my time.
2. It's a sign of the encroachment of commercialism in medicine.
3. This frustrates government efforts in checking desert encroachment.
4. The workers were charged with forest encroachment and illegal logging.
5. The encroachment of the Eastern political economy into Utah in essence relegated the Mormon theocracy to the status of an internal colony.
6. He, too, noted with mild asperity the harsh encroachment of industrialization on the ethereal world of the cataract.
7. Being top-hung, there is no encroachment into the roof space to consider, as there is with centre-pivoting roof windows.
8. And unfortunately for middle managers[], the encroachment of technology has coincided with a less autocratic approach to management.
9. An encroachment, as of a right or privilege.
10. The eagle broke away and defiantly continued its encroachment.
11. The problem was to safeguard sites from encroachment by property development.
12. Moscow vehemently opposes any further Nato encroachment on former Soviet areas.
13. An encroachment of the forgotten things is a special crime.
14. We can prevent encroachment on public interest effectively only by depending on citizen and social organization.
15. Encroachment on any enterprise run by the national bourgeoisie is strictly prohibited.
16. After discreet soundings, they prudently abandoned the idea, which would have involved a major encroachment upon judicial independence.
17. The increased width of road can be achieved without further encroachment on to the Magdalene housing land. 8.
18. Since offices were regarded as a form of property, reform could be stigmatized as an encroachment upon freehold.
19. Still others see the pro-bat requirement as just another example of federal encroachment on local government.
20. They deny their own law, denying my right[], and the precedent is there to stead them in the next encroachment.
21. At issue is what regards as the west's creeping encroachment into Russia's backyard.
22. In general, reddish egret numbers have declined due to human encroachment and habitat loss.
23. The only quoted proponent of non-English is Raj Thackeray, a Mumbai politician "enraged" by the encroachment of English on Marathi in his city (though he sends his son to an English-language school).
24. We are likely to take stronger action to prevent and prohibit encroachment of our patent rights.
25. This paper determines that to meet such a social demand, the relativity of financial obligation should be broken up and a regime concerning encroachment of obligatory rights set up.
26. However, some of the positive trends represent woodland and bush encroachment into rangeland and farmland - which is not generally regarded as land improvement.
27. Analyse the intellectual development of China as a response to foreign encroachment during the period 1860 - 1912.
28. It will help us to search the available methods to prevent and control water encroachment and enhance final recovery of water flooding gas reservoir.
29. Open the double bulla, we can see cholesteatoma grew into the right bullae, and along with the time extending, the circumscription of encroachment was gradually enlarged.
30. The country had seized vast territories of other countries by piecemeal encroachment or wholesale annexation.
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