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Redefinition in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Similar words: definitiondefinitivedefinitedefinitelyinitiationmunitionsadmonitionammunitionMeaning: n. the act of giving a new definition. 
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1. The limitations of party competition Schumpeter's redefinition of democracy as a method has been extremely influential.
2. There is a continual redefinition of an individual's task, through interaction between the individual and others.
3. Topic : A Redefinition of the Relationship Between Legality and Market.
4. The reusability problem of the process redefinition is resolved through the separate storage of the workflow relative data and the process definition data.
5. But for other people it's a redefinition and an expansion.
6. The group's analyses and redefinition of the clitoris were originally published in a book I edited[], entitled A New View of a Woman's Body: An Illustrated Guide.
7. The final necessary step for completing this redefinition of the role of the manager is to "make it official" within the organization.
8. "The redefinition, " Horowitz says, "is a task uniquely performed by the young.
9. I've been part of this redefinition all my life, casting cousins and friends as ersatz siblings since I was a child.
10. "This redefinition really could end up reclassifying all of these effective and safe birth control methods as abortifacients, or agents that induce abortions, " he says.
11. Expansion, reduction or redefinition of the design space could be desired upon gaining additional process information.
12. She provided a redefinition of his duties.
13. The central element of this redefinition has been the demand for national control of natural resources – which has produced major conflicts with multinationals.
14. Second-order change involves a redefinition or reconceptualization of the business of the organization and the way it is to be conducted.
15. The principal means of growth and development including accretion, redefinition and invention.
16. Employment security is going through one of those fundamental redefinitions that marks a societal turning point.
17. Many of the consequences of our acts can be reversed or nullified by redefinition.
18. In the article, the hypertext system is regarded as a weighted graph and the composite association rule mining method is proposed after the redefinition of the confidence and support.
19. It was one of these latter that finally moved the federal courts to intervene, and which over the next half-century led to a redefinition of criminal procedure in the United States.
20. More of these "Earth 2.0" candidates are likely to be confirmed in the near future, though a redefinition of the habitable zone's boundaries has brought that number down to 48.
21. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to engineer a delicate redefinition of how its economic model will work going forward.
22. The consequence of these amazing fossil finds has been a simultaneous redefinition of what it means to be a bird and a reconsideration of the biology and life history of the theropod dinosaurs.
23. Other changes, such as new team dynamics and the redefinition of roles such as the business analyst, show the genuine force behind Agile adoption.
24. A sliding-mode controller was designed based on the output redefinition for the overload system of missile with non-minimum phase characteristic.
25. Words like & quot ; conservative & quot; require periodic redefinition.
26. But with Abe weakened, and Japan possibly turning inward, "we could be at the beginning of a redefinition of the U.S.-Japan alliance," says Tanifuji.
27. It is frequently considered a best practice to avoid redefinition.
28. "What Obama is hoping for out of this week is a redefinition of himself and his campaign that is lasting and that is appealing to the American people, " she explained.
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