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Sign language in a sentence

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Synonym: signingSimilar words: languagelanguage barriervanguardlanguorlanguidlanguishlanguidlylanguishingMeaning: n. language expressed by visible hand gestures sign-language. adj. used of the language of the deaf. 
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1. Her son used sign language to tell her what happened.
2. She tried to explain by means of sign language.
3. All our staff have been instructed in sign language.
4. She's deaf and dumb and communicates using sign language.
5. The only means of communication was sign language.
6. Not all deaf people use sign language.
7. They communicated in sign language.
8. Sign language is almost essential in shops too, but it's a little less embarrassing because you can be more discreet.
9. In both countries fingerspelling has become incorporated into sign language communication and deaf people will use fingerspelling with one another.
10. In sign language terms these would include: Do hearing people control the fortunes of deaf people politically and economically?
11. Virtually all the settings in which sign language is learned can also be found in second language learning.
12. Very frequently in the literature earlier discussions about sign language universality are described as myths or misconceptions.
13. Their beautiful movement and artistic sign language adds a new dimension to the production.
14. Many hearing people assume that sign language is the same the world over.
15. Advice workers are encouraged to learn sign language.
16. One spoke sign language fluently and was sometimes used as an interpreter.
17. They communicate in sign language.
18. They communicate with each other using sign language.
19. Some deaf children are, however, very proficient at sign language and they can also spell out words using finger spelling.
20. He knew they were trying to tell him something in the sign language used by the deaf and dumb.
21. There will be special areas with induction loop facilities for the hard of hearing and sign language interpreters will be on hand.
22. We couldn't get a straight reply - she'd only answer in sign language.
23. It is relevant here to ask the simple question of how processes commonly related to intelligence are predictors of sign language learning.
24. By now I was extremely hungry, so I used sign language to beg the official for food.
25. For the school's deaf students, she interpreted the entire play in American Sign Language.
25. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
26. For the benefit of the deaf members present the Dean's and all subsequent speeches were interpreted into sign language.
27. Earl Granville, in his recent speech in London, that the finger and sign language was barbarous.
28. For example, it may be necessary to employ a sign language interpreter if a parent or child is deaf.
29. The deaf of all countries face similar educational experiences and suppression of their sign language.
30. What about critical periods for the chimps that have been learning sign language?
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