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Shilly-shally in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2017-02-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hillbillywilly-nillydilly-dallysillygenerally speakingbilly goatillogicallyskillfully
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1. If you keep shilly-shallying like this we'll be late.
2. It's time for Brooke to stop shilly-shallying.
3. Think hard doesn't equal to shilly-shally.
4. Stop shilly-shallying and make a decision now!
5. A nameless passerby made a snappy shilly-shally of yore.
6. Please do not shilly-shally again.
7. But be imperative, shilly-shally heart going to tomorrow.
8. Standing on the platform with shilly-shally , and afraid of boarding.
9. The more shilly-shally we are, the more quickly we are going to be finished off!
10. If silly Sally will shilly-shally, shall silly Willy-nilly Shilly-shally, too?
11. Stop being shilly-shally ! Chances will not wait for someone too weak-minded.Sentence dictionary
12. So, love, don't fear surroundings of carefree talk an invade of ground language ear, meet a matter shilly-shally descend a note of promise, you is still have no each express an one's own opinion.
13. Let's settle on the price to 15USD/PR which is that I can ultimately accept. Therefore the total quantity will be reduced to 10000PRS. Please do not shilly-shally again.
14. Deal with multinomial choice when you, when can making a decision, do not spend time to await again shilly-shally , should play decisive, make optimal choice, create better new life.
15. Room ten nine is poor, gather 0.4 seven money six five fine long hair four , shilly-shally first-class and obscene!
16. How to do a thing to always should be overcome shilly-shally a little?
17. The logic is strong, good analysis, emotionally strong understanding ability, intelligence, versatile, and communication ability and strong, but there are wavering shilly-shally maximum.
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