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Serengeti in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: sereneserenityhouse rentserendipityserendipitousavengescavengechallengeMeaning: n. a vast plain in Tanzania west of the Great Rift Valley known for its wildlife. 
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(1) Visit Africa's Serengeti Plain in northeast Tanzania, near Kenya.
(2) This lion was photographed under moonlight, at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
(3) When enjoying holidays in Serengeti Plain, I spent three hours by the riverside watching a small group of wildebeests bracing themselves for stepping into the river to drink water.
(4) The creation of this highway through the Serengeti National Park, home to the most densely populated animal migrations in the world, is just another irony of this modern world.
(5) Indeed, the Serengeti ecosystem provides a paradise of animal life that a marvel to behold.
(6) "The Serengeti ecosystem is one of the wonders of the planet," said Anne Pusey, an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University.
(7) Serengeti National Park of Tanzania is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world, unequalled for its natural beauty and scientific value.
(8) Here we are on the Serengeti Plain in Africa, where an ostrich has abandoned an egg and a hungry jackal means to make a meal out of it.
(9) The vast plains of the Serengeti comprise 1.5 million ha of savannah.
(10) You see, here on the Serengeti, the sound of a cracked eggshell is like a newsflash.
(11) A leopard cub explores the long grass in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
(12) The differences can partially explain the eating habits of the Serengeti herbivores.
(13) Our trip to Africa included a stop in the Serengeti.
(14) I looked down at the seemingly endless expanse of green of the Serengeti Plain.
(15) This is a large species of eagle owl, hunting the large gerbil that lives on the short grass plains of Serengeti.
(16) The seasonal migration of animals in southern Sudan is a spectacle to rival the flow of animals across Tanzania's Serengeti Plain.
(17) An endangered east African black rhinoceros and her young walk inTanzania's Serengeti national park during the start of an initiativethat will see 32 huge beasts flown to Tanzania from South Africa.
(18) Every year millions of wildebeests migrants west from the draught Serengeti Plain to wetland in the Mara and these wildebeests were just part of the marching team.
(19) Tanzania's government plans to build a commercial road in the north of Serengeti National Park(, cutting through the migratory route of 2 million wildebeest and zebra.
(20) You're looking at a glorious bird that may just be the most unappreciated creature on the African Serengeti. This is the Ruppell's Griffon Vulture.
(21) The Mara Triangle is not only the gateway for animals passing through from Serengeti to the Mara, but also the main entry point for poachers.
(22) A golden lioness and her cub bask in the warmth of a savanna sun in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.
(23) One big question about lions is why the males even have a mane, said West, who studied lions in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.
(24) Vaclav Silha, the Czech photographer, had set up his camera on the banks of the Nile in the Serengeti national park, Tanzania, to take snaps of 50 hippos bathing in the river.
(25) Olduvai Gorge is a steep-sided ravine on the edge of the Serengeti Plain, East Africa, and is home to some of the world's most important fossil hominins.
(26) At nearly four feet tall, it's the largest, most aggressive vulture on the Serengeti.
(27) From the Via Via cafe-bar (lush forest scenery within an old German fort), plan trips to the Serengeti national park and/or the Ngorongoro crater for very accessible wildlife.
(28) The farmer on the green side had been forcing his cattle to mimic the great migratory wildebeest herds of the Serengeti.
(29) Tanzania is to the towering peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and the broad plains of the Serengeti.
(30) Each July, 1.3million wildebeest, along with large herds of zebras and gazelles, migrate north from the Serengeti Plain to the pastures of the MasaiMara.
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