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Saline solution in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-02-25Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: resolutionjoint resolutionsolutionabsolutionfinal solutionevolutiondevolutionrevolutionMeaning: n. an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water. 
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1. The drug is suspended in a saline solution.
2. Wash the lenses in saline solution.
3. Again he had injected a saline solution into the Doctor's blood vessels.
4. A saline solution is handy as a useful eye-bath or anti-septic gargle.
5. Alternatively, by conditioning in a physiologically isotonic saline solution, it can remain at a constant size.
6. Other doctors were putting compresses of saline solution on the worst burns.
7. And on the other I've got saline solution or whatever is in the cells, right?
8. AIM To observe protective effect of hyperoxia balanced saline solution on reperfusion injury caused by bleeding shock.
9. It involves using a mild saline solution to flush out the thickened mucus and allergens causing your sinus congestion.
10. Irrigation of the wound with saline solution removed 85 % of the infection.
11. You buy saline solution, which you use every morning and night, one bottle at a time.
12. Saab claim that 78 degrees centigrade of heat can be stored in a saline solution for up to three days.
13. The mucosal surface was rinsed with ice cold isotonic saline solution.
14. The 5% solution is made by mixing the calcium gluconate 10% with an equal part of sterile saline solution.
15. In the last three months,(sentencedict .com) doctors have inserted silicone bags filled with saline solution to stretch the skin so it will be able to cover her legs once they are cut apart.
16. You can buy a prefilled container or make your own saline solution.
17. Men who smelled tears produced by women who cried from watching a sad film had lower testosterone levels and less physiological arousal than men who smelled a saline solution.
18. Half of the mice were injected with GMCSF, the other with a placebo saline solution.
19. Twenty-four men were then asked to sniff the movie tears or a saline solution.
20. In the past three months, doctors have inserted silicone bags filled with saline solution to stretch the skin so it will cover her legs once they are cut apart.
21. Baltimore-based Jhpiego-trained midwives routinely carry a satchel with essentials such as a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, saline solution, intravenous tube and disinfectant.
22. Some suggestions on the time of water deprivation test, the improvement of hypertonic saline solution test and diagnosis of partial nephrogenic diabetes insipidus were made in this paper.
23. Objective To compare the therapeutic effects of Ringer solution, hypertonic saline solution and hypertonic mannitol solution in hemorrhagic shock patients in early treatment.
24. When grafts are taken, your doctor may periodically inject small amounts of saline solution into the scalp to maintain proper skin strength.
25. Meanwhile, they injected one group of mice with endostatin, another with a different blood-vessel inhibitor called TNP-470 and a control group with an inert saline solution.
26. METHODS: The human spleen cells, obtained by the method of grinding, were divided into four groups and treated with saline solution or various concentrations of H2O2 respectively.
27. The polymyxin B sulphate is available as a freeze-dried powder freely soluble in saline solution in vial containing 500,000 units potency.
28. The subject discussed the influencing factors of N80 steel in without CO_2 saline solution and the saturated CO_2 saline solution firstly.
29. The 1 % solution is made by mixing 10 cccalcium gluconate 10 % with 100 cc sterile normal saline solution.
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