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Renegade in a sentence

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Synonym: apostatedeserterratterrebelrecreantturncoatSimilar words: renegebrigadenegatenegativenegationabnegationnegativelyrenewMeaning: ['renɪgeɪd]  n. 1. someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw 2. a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.. v. break with established customs. adj. having deserted a cause or principle. 
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1. If the renegade clique of that country were in power , it would have meant serious disaster for the people.
2. Renegade forces captured the capital and declared/imposed martial law.
3. Three men were shot dead by a renegade policeman.
4. The gadgetry enables the renegade network to give viewers a puck encased in a blue halo.
5. He gathered all the renegade magicians together and revealed a plan as mad as it was bold.
6. In very general terms, the Renegade Jacket takes this principle to its logical conclusion.
7. Had he been hurt, shot by a renegade bullet?
8. Finally the dastardly renegade arrives, and engages Sister Chiang in conversation.
9. Antinori has a reputation as a renegade because of his many successful efforts to help post-menopausal women become pregnant.
10. Four ordinary kids unite to reform a renegade alien hunter club that was founded centuries ago.
11. That renegade, he won't come to a good end!
12. For example, Sheik Amar (Alfred Molina), the tax-resisting renegade, provides some comic relief with his illegal ostrich races, his black market double-dealing[], and his speeches.
13. After all, he was Jack Quack , Renegade Drake, Prince of the Forest, King of the Lake.
14. Abu Nidal, a Palestinian renegade, died in Baghdad in 2002.
15. Rebel forces loyal to renegade leader Laurent Nkundu have made serious inroads into territory previously held by the Congolese army of President Joseph Kabila around the eastern town of Goma.
16. If you were a Renegade while alive, you may playon two living players instead of one.
17. This morning's verdict would break the
18. When he was doing underground work he was arrested because a renegade informed against him.
19. He is not Troy Aikman, but neither is he a renegade biker or a glass-eating zany.
20. But how I would have preferred disaster to my role as rejected conspirator and failed renegade.
21. Long considered a small-time corporate raider, Bennett LeBow has become a big-time renegade in the tobacco industry.
22. You talk of family and you mean one ruthless and callous renegade.
23. During the commune heydays of the early 1970s, the ranch collected a typically renegade group of cultural misfits.
24. Alvin dressed in blue jeans, shirts and boots and looked like the renegade that he felt he was.
25. The case began unravelling when the intelligence ministry said renegade agents were responsible.
26. But the influx of Hollywood star power has its downside as well: providing made-to-order videos for celebrities shopping for buzz is hardly in the renegade spirit of the Web.
27. From that defeat the Obama campaign was suddenly viewed as resurgent a renegade would have wished.
28. It seems to some fans the principles of druidism would be antithetical to the majority of high elves, and it didn't appear there was any indication of any renegade sect of druids.
29. A Tanzanian African Union soldier hits a man suspected of collaborating with renegade Anjouan leader Mohamed Bacar in Mutsamudu, the Anjouan capital, on 25 March 2008.
30. The Communist International also endorsed the decision and denounced Chang Kuo - tao as a deserter and renegade.
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